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What to Do When Adhaar Card Is Lost

what to do when aadhaar card is lost


Aadhar card is a card that carries your fingerprints, your other identification marks, the name as well as other sorts of identity proofs and thus serves to be the best way of identification of any person as the fingerprints are different with every individual’s finger and thus this card serves to be a unique way of identification in all respects. In case your adhaar card gets lost somewhere, you can easily get it back following the steps that we are mentioning here.

What to Do When Adhaar Card Is Lost

What to Do When Adhaar Card Is Lost

1. In Case You Have Got The Details Preserved With Yourself:-

In case you had got the details preserved with yourself or if you have got the acknowledgement slip copy of the adhaar card or the registration number, you can get it downloaded from the internet based website of aadhar card. The downloaded adhaar card will be of the same value as your original card was. If you have got any photocopy of it kept spared, that would be of the same value as your aadhar card was.

2. In Case You Have Lost the Aadhar Card Enrollment I.D:-

In case no enrollment slip has been procured by you or you have lost it as well, you simply need to go to the following address and then follow the procedure that we are mentioning after the link.
simply Go to https://resident.uidai.net.in/find-uid-eid and then select the desired option including your name, email address or registered mobile number or other any such detail that can make you procure the aadhar card copy from internet. The one time password will be sent to your mobile entering which you would get your enrollment number.

3. Getting the Aadhar Card with the Help of Procured Enrollment I.D:-

Now in case you have got the enrollment ID, simply reach https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ and then add your enrollment id to it. Now after the web page gets opened, simply add your enrollment number to it along with the full name, pin code and the other such details as well. The OTP will be entered and the adhaar card would get downloaded to your system that you can preview in order to check it and then the command for print out can be made.

4. Take The Print Out And Get Several Copies Made:-

Now as the web procured copy is of the same value as your original copy was, you should immediately get several photocopies made with the same copy of aadhar card and put them at several places so that you may have enough copies kept at home for further usage and even if one of the copies gets lost, the other one may be there with you and this might not cause you trouble anymore afterwards. You might even choose to reach the regional aadhar centre so as to get your aadhar card made by them.


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