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What’s the Best Way to Learn Guitar Step by Step

6 Best Way to Learn Guitar


Guitar is a popular musical instrument that is operated on strings and is used to get music out of its chords. There can be many types of guitars including acoustic guitars, electric guitars, amplified guitars etc. when you purchase a guitar, you are filled with joy inexplicable to learn using it and play it on several occasions in life but the fees of guitar tutors is very much high and thus here we have come with some tips for you to learn guitar at home, some of which are as follows:-

What's the Best Way to Learn Guitar Step by Step

1. Get Aware:-

First of all, I will like you to gather as much information as you can about your guitar, how to keep it, how to store it, what are the strings named as, what are the parts of its body, how does it create sound, How to hold it properly and which things can make you get the most out of it in a better way.

2. Positions and Equipment:-

Let me tell you that there are some equipment that will help you generate sound from your guitar in a better way. First of all handle the guitar in proper manner, sit on a stool or chair in a perfect position with strings kept tight and guitar properly tuned. Learn the name of each string of it properly and then you can manage to go for the further learning approaches.

3. Video Learning:-

You can find some videos online that show professionals teaching you the right ways to do everything. How to recognize the things and which string will make which type of sound. Watch the video by pausing it in between and practicing it with your guitar side by side. You can search these videos on youtube as well.

4. Android Guitar Learner Software’s:-

If you go by the playstore in your android mobile, you will find various guitar learning software that you can download and learn guitar playing tips from it. You can even manage to get some guitar notes downloaded in form of PDF files and then learn to play them yourself by recognizing the strings.

5. Guitar Learner’s Guide:-

If there is some bookseller’s shop near your house, you can even manage to spare some of your money in order to purchase some guitar learner’s guide and learn to play a guitar reading notes from it along with the self help tips provided.

6. Practice More And More:-

Now when you have got all the information about guitar playing and you have got aware about the places from where you can get the notes to play a guitar, you can now start practicing. Let you practice more and more as practice makes a man perfect. You can even start composing your own tunes instead. If still you feel it a difficult task for you, you can go to some guitar learning center nearby and start taking guitar learning tips from there. You can even manage to call some friend of yours at home who knows how to play a guitar in order to get an added help from him.


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