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What’s the Best Thing to Take for Vomiting

What to Take for Vomiting


Vomiting can be understood as a process in which an individual exhales or ejects the food in his body by the means of his mouth and nose. This is quite common in case of some health disorders or a person may even try it out Intentionally if he has eaten something poisonous.

What's the Best Thing to Take for Vomiting

What’s the Best Thing to Take for Vomiting

If I talk in a scientific way, vomiting is just the throwing up of the food in stomach by the means of oral passages. It is caused naturally by an irritation to the gut and if you need to do it intentionally so as to eject something out from stomach that you have eaten or inhaled unknowingly, you can choose to go for the approaches that I am mentioning here.

1. Drink A Lot of Liquid Ghee:-

The butter or ghee that you use daily with your dishes as well as chapattis can be bought in use for making you vomit. Simply put, on some ghee or butter on the gas stove, heat it to some extent such that it gets liquidly and then gulp it up in a large amount. This will make you vomit as your stomach will not be able to bear it up.

2. Insertion of Fingers In Mouth:-

The second technique that you can bring in use to get relieved from the problem of vomiting. Simply insert your fingers in your mouth and try to touch the passage of food pipe, you will be able to vomit soon this way. Most of the people bring this step in practice so as to vomit.

3. Smell Something Dirty:-

Often we feel like vomiting when we see or smell something dirty like your husband’s dirty socks or anything else like this. You can take an advantage of this fact and bring about the things in use that smell bad and can make you vomit soon.

4. Extra Salty Water:-

Take some warm water and add salt to it so much that you can’t bear. Your stomach will meet irritation this way and you will be able to vomit. You can even choose to take extra sour things so as to make yourself vomit if the salt solution does not works.

5. Vomiting Pills:-

If there is some serious case and nothing that I mentioned above is working, you can choose to go for some vomiting based drugs that you can bring in use so as to vomit. Simply reach the doctor and ask him to recommend you something so as to vomit and he will prescribe you the desired drugs.

6. Drink Up Oil:-

Sometimes drinking up oil in excess can even make you vomit. Just take a glass of mustard oil and gulp it up. You will soon meet vomiting this way. You can even choose to go for some other oils like refined oil or mustard oil or even olive oil as well.


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