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What Treatment do you Have for Breast Cancer

Treatment For Breast Cancer


The treatment of breast cancer includes various treatments and therapies namely :-

Chemotherapy:-  before the dominance of the breast cancer chemotherapy can be used to treat cancer in stage two to four. The chemotherapy medications are administered in combinations, usually for periods of 3–6 months. Most chemotherapy medications work by destroying the rapidly growing or fastly replicating cells of cancer, either creating a damage in DNA upon replication or by certain other mechanisms.

What Treatment do you Have for Breast Cancer

What Treatment do you Have for Breast Cancer

The medications may also damage the normal cells which may be growing at a fast rate, which may cause vigorous side effects to occur. Chemotherapy proves to be a better option in the direction of betterment of a women suffering from breast cancer along with the reconstruction options.

Hormone blocking therapy:- to continue growing, some breast cancers require estrogen and these type of breast cancers can be recognised by the presence of estrogen receptors and progesterone receptors on their surface these estrogen receptors cancers can be treated with drugs that can block the receptors, or alternatively block the production of estrogen with an aromatase inhibitor, for example tamoxifen in the case of those who block the receptors the use of tamoxifen is recommended for 10 years.aromatase inhibitors, however, are only suitable for post-menopausal patients. This is because the active aromatase in post menopausal women is different from the prevalent form in premenopausal women, and therefore these agents are ineffective in inhibiting the predominant aromatase of premenopausal women and anastrozoleor letrozole in the case of those who block the production of estrogen alternatively.

Internal radio therapy :- the internal radio therapy is a therapy usually practiced after the surgery done to the area of the tumor bed and lymph nodes in that region, to kill the microscopic tumor cells that may have escaped during the surgery.

Radio therapy may also have an effect on tumor micro environment. This type of therapy can be delivered as an outer beam radio therapy or as internal radio therapy. A conventional type of radio therapy is practiced after the operation being done to treat the breast cancer. The radiation can also be practiced at the time of operation on the breast cancer intra operatively. Combinely these therapies and treatment options become a great approach to improve the condition of a patient suffering from breast cancer and the approach mainly aims to improve the quality of life the person is living with.


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