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What to Wear to in Wedding Ceremony

What To Wear To a Wedding


Going to a wedding is something that makes everybody excited, as it makes us meet all the relatives and friends and gives us a chance to relish our culture and see the lifestyle of others and gives us a chance to have a get together with others and improve ourselves.

What to Wear to in Wedding Ceremony

What to Wear to in Wedding Ceremony

Why Do I Need To Worry About My Dress While Going To A Wedding?

Indian dressing styles for both men and women are different for all the corners of our country and all the religions, so before going for a wedding function, you need to decide your outfit for the party so that you may look representable enough according to that part of the country and may not feel to be a matter of laugh for the others and get a chance to look pretty in the crowd and enjoy their tradition with your flavor.

Sophisticated Dressing:-

For means, we would just say that you need to look gentlemen with whatever you wear and accessories that enhance your style more. Women just need to look simple, and decent with their outfit. Women might wear an ankle with their dressing and not so heavy jewellery can be used to enhance your looks.

Women can even have a bindi decorated on her forehead and May even wear some bangles to be the spot of everybody’s eyes. You can buy clothes matching to the area you are going for a marriage, suppose the marriage is HINDU one, women can wear a saree or she may wear a simple suit or lehanga along with not so heavy jewellery and men’s might wear a suit or simple kurta with churidaar pajama or a sherwaani or suppose you are going on a CHRISTIAN wedding, women’s can wear a frock or a gown or and men’s may wear a coat with suitable pent-shirt or a suit specially meant for such occasions. If you are going on a Muslim wedding, you may have to cover your head and thus you might need a hanky or a scarf to cover your head for the NIKAAH.

Ladies can wear soft flowly dresses everywhere. Suppose you go for a Punjabi wedding, mens may wear kurta along with churidaar pajama or sherwaani or women’s may wear salwaar kameez if possible.

suppose the wedding is in your village, you may go for a traditional attire that all people follow in your village.

What Should Teenagers And Kids Wear For A Wedding?

Teenagers and kids make their own style, the style of a teenager should be a funky one and they need not to worry about their dressing sense at all. Teenagers and kids may wear a colorful t-shirt along with a suitable jeans or a frock or simple salwar kameez for girls or simple kurta pajama or sherwaani in case of boys or even they may wear a jeans and t-shirt of their choice. Or they may even dress to what they want, they are not bound to wear anything, kids and teenagers are master of their own dressing style.


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