What to Say to Get a Girl to Trust you (6 Steps) – HowFlux

What to Say to Get a Girl to Trust you (6 Steps)

How to Get a Girl to Trust You Fast


Almost all of us have fallen in love with a girl at some point of life and it becomes a matter of jeopardy for all of us to think what we can do to impress that girl?
In this article we have come with some tips applying which a boy can earn a girl’s trust in a way that she does not feels irritated and gets likely to accept it some of which are as follows :-

What to Say to Get a Girl to Trust you (6 Steps) - HowFlux

What to Say to Get a Girl to Trust you

1. Be Genuine:-

First of all, let me tell you that girls hate fake guys, learn to be genuine first and then approach a girl. Be decent while talking to her and be real in true senses. Try to be what you are and don’t try to be someone else. Being genuine and being you can really have a positive impact on her.

2. Respect Everybody:-

Start respecting everyone today only. When you are with the girl, try to speak politely and try to show respect for everyone including her. Never abuse anybody in front of the girl plus adopt a friendly nature with everyone. Let her think about you, the more she will think about you, the more she will start trusting.

3. Pass Her Compliments:-

Keep on complimenting her. Tell her that she is smart and innocent and nobody can ever betray her or make her a fool. Tell her you like her and will like to gain her trust. When she would come to know that you want to be trusted by her, she will test you herself and if you qualify her tests, she will start trusting you. Every girl likes compliments.

4. Get To Know Her:-

Try to know her strong and weak points. Try to know her better, when you know her you will come to know her priorities and limits. When you will come to know the way she views this world, you are sure to know how to gain her trust, simply become the guy she wants. When you become mature enough for a girl, she starts trusting you.

5. Adopt A Helping Nature:-

Girls like those who help others. Whenever someone is in need, you should be ready to help. Girls like those who keep on helping others. Whenever you see someone getting humiliated or harassed by someone, be a hero and save him, this will increase your value in her eyes and if you find her alone or feeling low because of something, you should go, meet her and try to console her with a friendly approach. This helps a lot.

6. Try To Understand Her Expectations:-

Try to understand what type of person she is interested in. Whenever you talk with her, ask her likes and dislikes and what she expects to become in life and what type of person she wants to be associated with. When you know her expectations from life in a better way, you are likely to know how to gain her trust in a better manner.


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