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What to Eat to Turn your Body into a Fat Burning Machine

How To Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine


Every person going to gym will definitely read this post after reading the title. The people who are into loosing their weight or just do work out and exercise for the maintenance of their body know what calorie count means for them. When we workout so hard then we are able to loose 50 to 60 calories per 10 minutes and while eating we do not bother about the calorie content of the food.

What to Eat to Turn your Body into a Fat Burning Machine

What to Eat to Turn your Body into a Fat Burning Machine

But there is a good news for people who go to gym. Now you all have a magic In this era every third person I see is a fitness freak. Every second person I talk to goes to gym and every single person I interact with has a same problem. Guess what?

So here is the name of the magic drink and that is BLACK COFFEE. Shocked to read this? But this is the truth black coffee is that drink that gives your body a thunderclap and lets you loose your calories more. If you go to gym and do exercise then you may be affected 100% but by taking black coffee the level gets increased and you get affected by 150% which is an enough percentage. So only by taking black coffee you can increase your calorie cutoff rate by 50%.

Nutritional Value:-

Coffee is considered to be a good source of caffeine. It is very rich in caffeine. Caffeine is present in many seeds of many plants and are used by humans for consumption. We can get caffeine from other sources that may be black chocolate or a cup of tea may be depends upon you what you like but coffee is already a quipped with a sufficient amount of caffeine that is needed by our body. I have seen many people taking coffee. The caffeine present in coffee increases our rate of working and we are turned into a energy generating machine as a result of which we do not feel lethargic while working and even after working hard you have sufficient amount of energy in you.

Timings of Intake:-

The coffee should be taken approximately 45 to 15 minutes prior to going to gym. This must be taken around a sufficient time back because it starts working. When you take it then after a few fraction of seconds it starts working in your body and when you reach gym it has already started working in your body and starts giving you result as soon as you start you warm up. At the time of urgency it can be taken just prior to going to gym but preferably taking it before 45 to 30 minutes is fine.


For making coffee you have to trigger your bitter tooth because you have to avoid sugar. Shocked that you need to have bitter coffee? But yes you have to because if you want to achieve something difficult then you have to do a bit of hard work. So for making it you need to boil water and add a pinch of coffee powder in it as it is bitter so you can add lemon or a sugar free tablet to that.

But always remember

“Everything you want in life is waiting for you, outside your comfort zone and inside your effort zone.”


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