What to do when you Bored (6 Steps) – HowFlux

What to do when you Bored (6 Steps)

What to do when Bored


It is sometimes that either the job gives you too much comfort at the office and you have no work to do or that the lifestyle gets so leisurely that you start feeling bored even in your regular routine schedule. You can choose to go for some innovative ideas to be practiced in this time in order to get relieved from this time of boredom and turn it to some fun and enjoyment or to do something even more productive.

What to do when you Bored (6 Steps) - HowFlux

What to do when you Bored

1. Read Novels, Or Comic Books:-

If you have got some leisure time with you either at the office or even at home, you can choose to relax reading some magazine or some novel with a suspense full story that keeps you busy even in tough leisure hours. You can even manage to read some simple cartoon character comic book if the time is somewhat less so as to go for a novel.

2. Visit Some of Your Colleague To Chat:-

If you are at the office and the time is boring without any work for you, you can manage to sit along with your colleague and chat on some simple or productive matter. If there is some female employee that is too close with you, you can even manage to ask her for some coffee outing as well.

3. Play Some Game If There Is Some Partner Available:-

If you have got a smart phone or some video game console or some laptop or tablet with awesome graphic features, you can choose to play some game with it or simply plug in the earphones and listen to the music on your device. You can even manage to check your mails or to answer some calls or to video call your friends as well.

4. Social Networking Chatting:-

If you have got some social networking account like that of Facebook or Whatsapp or twitter etc. You can manage to go social on these applications and chat with your friends to pass out this leisure time. Simply ping all your friends and start chatting. If you will message ten friends, there will be at least a single amongst them who will give you a response at least.

5. Watching Some T.V Program Or Clean The House:-

You can even manage to watch some T.V. program if you are at home or you may even choose to clean up the house or mop the floor and surroundings. If you wish, you can even choose to get indulged in some hobby like cooking or dancing, etc. in order to get added benefits in this leisure time of yours.

6. Visit Some Place Or A Get Together Party:-

You can even choose to visit some new place or to go for a get together party in order to pass out this idle time of yours in a better way. Traveling to new places is an adventure and makes you enjoy with fun that it provides. You can even manage to arrange a get together party with friends or relatives in order to meet, wine and dine with them in this boring time in a pre-planed way.


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