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What to Do During an Earthquake In Inside or Outside

What to Do During an Earthquake


An earthquake is a sudden shaking or turbulence in the earth’s surface that may have occurred due to any form of energy trapped in the earth that gets released, making the earth tremble. This generally occurs due to the movement of tectonic plates and it causes mass destruction and loss of life on a large scale. A slight care while you are in earthquake prone or affected area can prove to save your life in certain cases and hence here we are mentioning some of the ways that can prove to be helpful in such circumstances.

What to Do During an Earthquake

What to Do During an Earthquake

1. If You Are In, Stay In:-

In case you are inside some building, you are supposed to stay inside and in case you are outside, stay outside. In case you are inside some building, try standing by the corner side or try hiding under some table or bed, etc. Cover yourself with some quilt or mattress so as to avoid anything heavy hurt you if it falls on your head.

2. If You Are Out, Reach Some Open Ground:-

In case you are out of the house, you are advised to reach some open ground or some other open space,   including some ground or some playground that is isolated from the area of heavy buildings. This will make you away from the hazards of falling buildings etc.

3. Get under a Table:-

If there is some wooden table in your house, try hiding under it as this may save you from the damage caused by the falling objects while you are supposed not to get under any object made from glass as it may increase your cases of getting hurt instead of getting saved.

4. Do not stand In a Doorway:-

It might prove to be foolishness for you to keep standing in the doorway or under some decoration piece of work. You should also keep away from old buildings as well as old monuments, etc. and it is also advised that you keep away from anything suspected to fall in such a case.

5. Do Not Stay Close To Any Building if you are outside:-

In case you are outside, try staying away from the big monuments and buildings as this may make you come in contact with the falling ones becoming a source of damage to you and all other such people in contact with it. You are supposed to stay as away as you can from such areas.

6. Avoid Panic and Do Not Rush For the Exit:-

The problem with people is that they start creating an environment of panic in case they meet such circumstances and thus it creates a crowd or rush that makes all the others get endangered as well. In such a situation, you are advised not to make a condition of panic and try not to rush to the exit and instead stay calm and do that in a normal way.


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