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What to do After 12th For Successful Life (6 Steps)

What to do After 12th


When a student passes the board exams of 12th class, often he or she stays confused what he or she is to do now in order to provide a boost to his or her career. Multiple colleges and universities attract them with various courses, degrees and diploma in order to get them admitted to their institution and thus there comes a need to get aware about every scope that you have after completing 12th class so that you may be able to take the decision for your life in a better way and thus here we have come with some easy carrier options that will help you get out of this jeopardy.

What to do After 12th For Successful Life (6 Steps)

What to do After 12th For Successful Life

1. Hotel Management or BCA/ BBA/ B.Com:-

Hotel management can be regarded as a professional course that you can opt if you are from non-med stream and if you need to opt for hotel management, you will have to appear in an exam of AIEEE that specifies you for the admission in top most hotel management colleges. If you are from commerce stream, you can even choose to go for BCA, which is a bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications, BBA which is a business course or B.Com which can make you either a commerce based teacher or lecturer or can make you get a professional job in some multinational company as well.

2. MBBS or BDS or BAMS:-

MBBS can be regarded as a degree in bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery. If you want to become a doctor, You can choose to give a P.M.T exam qualifying which you will get admitted to a renowned medical college. If you are not able to get admitted here, you can choose to go for BDS that is dental surgeon or BAMS that is Bachelor of Aayurvedic Medicines.

3. B Pharmacy or B.sc:-

If you want to enter the field of medicine and you are either from medical or non-medical stream, you can choose to go for B pharmacy that makes you get specialized in medicine. You can even choose to go for B.sc that is a bachelor degree in science.

4. Polytechnic or Engineering:-

If you want to go to engineering stream, you can simply opt for an AIEEE or IIT exam that specializes you to be admitted for a bachelor in technology or B.tech degree. If you want to do diploma in Engineering instead of degree, you can choose to go for polytechnique as well. You will need to fill form online and go for counselling online to do diploma in c.

5. Teaching (D.ED) or B.A:-

If you want to make a career in govt. job, you can also apply for D.ED if you want to teach students till 8th class or if you want to get somewhat higher in the field of teaching, you can choose to do for B.A or Bachelor in Arts degree.

6. Open Recruitments:-

Besides these graduation degrees, you can even choose to go for the government tests like N.D.A etc. and the open recruitments as well. It is better if you go for some professional course instead of vocational course, if you want to make career in some reputed multinational company.


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