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What not to do While you are Pregnant

What not to do when Pregnant


Pregnancy that can also be referred to as the time in which the off springs develop into a women and after which she gives delivery to a baby. It has been said that the women gets a baby as what she thinks and what she preaches in mind while in the labor pain. It is advised to stay happy and stay healthy while in the case of pregnancy so as to have a healthy baby and thus here we are describing some tips for you to avoid everything that is harmful in this time.

What not to do While you are Pregnant

What not to do While you are Pregnant

1. Quit All Your Bad Habits:-

You will need to keep a control over your hobbies and habits while in this period. You are advised to stay happy and avoid all the bad habits that can lead you to a poor delivery. If you drink alcohol or alcohol based products, you are advised to quit taking them. If you smoke, you should quit it and if you are taking extra drugs to tackle the daily stress, that also needs to be avoided as well.

2. Say No To Intense Exercise:-

Pregnant women should never try to go for works that include intense exercise for them. You are advised to do the works that are not tough enough to do like you can take an apple for yourself, but you are not advised to go to the market to bring that for yourself and instead some other person should be kept available to do that for you.

3. Say No To Stair Climbing:-

Sometimes even a labor full schedule can do much harm to you and thus I will advise you to not do much walking and climbing in this point of time. You should avoid climbing stairs while in the case of pregnancy and instead somebody should be there to carry you or to take you to the desired destination.

4. Don’t Get Indulged In Heavy Efforts:-

You are advised not to do much effort in order to stay healthy and avoid any unfortunate happening with you. You should avoid any work that can make you fall. Sometimes it has been seen that some women try to get indulged in some household works like moping the floor and fall due to the slippery feet. This slippery feet can make you lose your child and thus you are advised not to do any excessive laborious job even at home. You can manage to call somebody from your relations or some elder aged women to look after you at this point of time.

5. Don’t Take Stress:-

Those who take stress and stay depressed either due to home related quarrels or some minor disputes in the family always stay at a risk of having an unhealthy child due to your unhappy state of mind. You are advised not to take any stress in your schedule and to stay happier with passing time in order to avoid any miss happening with yourself.

6. Don’t Take An Unbalanced Diet:-

The diet of a pregnant women should be duly consulted with the health specialist or doctor so as to avoid it being unbalanced. I will advise you to take a properly balanced diet in order to stay healthy while you are in the stage of pregnancy.


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