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What not to do When on a First Date

What Not to do on a First Date


All of us know what to do on a date and how to behave and react with our partner, but some of us even spoil our date either because of some miss-happening or due to some fault committed by us. In this Article we are up with some things that you should avoid on your date in order to make your first date a memorable one for both you and your partner some of which are as follows:-

What not to do When on a First Date

What not to do When on a First Date

1. Don’t Boast About Anything:-

Never boast anything about your job or pride of your family. Everybody has a job and everybody has a family. It is the high time to learn others were not born in test tubes. Reach the destined place in time. Some boys have the habit to argue with the waiter in order to show their strength, never do that. Girls like decent guys only.

2. Never Try To Kiss On First Date:-

Some boys or girls get so excited on their first date that they wish to kiss their partner. You are on a first date with your partner not on a honeymoon so control your emotions and be calm; you have got very much time to do that. Spare it for your second or third date. Though you can shake hands with your partner or even hug her, but never try kissing on first date.

3. Don’t Ask Much About Past:-

Everybody has a past life, but remember you are dating in present and not the past. If you want to take this date to future, never ask about past life of your partner. Be happy with what you got at present and plan for a better future.

4. Don’t Shiver:-

Some girls and boys start shivering in front of their partner. We know he or she is your dream hubby you always longed for. But she or he is not a Dracula so stop shivering. Behave like a normal human being. Be calm, normal and enjoy your date.

5. Don’t Argue:-

Some people have a habit to argue over everything. Never argue on anything with your partner, let him or her speak first and then answer when he or she finishes. Remember to be in manners.

6. Mind Your Dressing Sense:-

In order to impress their partner, some people try ultra slim or skin sticking outfits in order to look sexy. Both the boys and girls should be very much cautious about their outfit. Though we know it is your first date and you have to look presentable, but still new or skin sticky outfit can meet wardrobe malfunctioning anytime. Chose something you have clad in previously also. Choose something amongst your regular dresses as you are the best comfortable in a dress you wear regularly. Iron your clothes properly. A new tight dress can make you feel uncomfortable while sitting in case of males and an extra revealing dress can even make your partner feel you are characterless types in case of girls, so avoid any wardrobe malfunctioning to spoil your date.


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