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What is Yoga – Definition of Yoga

What is Yoga – Definition of Yoga


We often hear about the word yoga and see various people telling on television to adopt it in order to make our lives more active and free of disease than they are today. We often see people practicing various asana in front of a yogi sitting and teaching them so as to make them get rid of the ailments prevailing in them and thus make them better than before. We often hear yogis saying that yoga can make our lives and lifestyle better than before and can also help us to bring about the desired change in our lives, but we often stay confused about the meaning of it and thus we are here to clear that difference for you.

What is Yoga - Definition of Yoga

What is Yoga – Definition of Yoga

Definition of Yoga:-

You can take yoga as a physical, mental and spiritual experience that makes us attain mental as well as physical benefits through it. Yoga is supposed to have originated since pre Vedic period and there have been multiple yoga based schools that provided education to students based on the concept of yoga. Yoga was earlier limited to the eastern parts only, but then the yogis or Yog gurus introduced it to the western parts as well, making it reach all the parts of the world and it has been found that yoga along with meditation can help you attain mental as well as spiritual attention.

Yoga And Asana:-

Yoga earlier used to be the base of education only, but then when it got associated with the asana, it became a great success as these asana were found to make you physically active and thus improved your physical endurance as well. There are many asana like Kapal Bharati, Anulom Vilom etc. that have proven health benefits for you if done on a regular basis.

Yoga Along With Meditation:-

It has been seen that those who perform yoga based asana and meditation on a regular basis have got mental state of peace besides the maintained health as well. Those who practice meditation can get inner peace and self-satisfaction as well. It has been found that how so ever tough the situation you may be going through, meditation can make you easily come out of it. Yoga has been found to be a complementary intervention for cancer, schizophrenia, asthma, and various heart disease and so it proves to be an effective approach for all. Yoga can boost up the healing process and if done besides taking the aayurvedic medicines can prove to do miracles for your health.

Adding Yoga to Your Life:-

Many modern day yoga trainers like Baba Ramdev etc. are trying their best to spread yoga to distinct parts of the world and if I talk about His contribution to Yoga, He has proven to bring about a shift in spreading yoga and asana amongst the common people. Yoga rather is easy to be added to be added and can be learnt easily by working on different postures and positions that you can learn from any yoga based magazine or even by some yoga based centre as well.


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