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What is Wind Power? – Definition of Wind Power

Wind Power? – Definition of Wind Power


The power that the blowing wind with tremendously high speed generates is called as the wind power. This one is practiced in areas where the wind speed is large enough to move the windmill fan blades. The power of fans that rotate after wind blows is connected to the motor or turbine so as to produce power and the power generated after applying this approach is called as the wind power. Wind power is rather a great renewable source of energy and is a hope for a better future as well.

What is Wind Power? - Definition of Wind Power

What is Wind Power? – Definition of Wind Power

Definition of Wind Power:-

The power of wind is called wind power. Wind is resulted because of huge convection currents in the earth’s atmosphere and sometimes these currents get so high as to move the blades of a fan attached to the power generation units. The heat energy from sun acts as a driving force for these currents and thus a wind with a great velocity is generated. Thus, you may define wind power as the power generated by the winds.

How Is Wind Generated?

Talking about how the wind is generated, we know that the sun rises every day in the sky emitting rays from it right? There is the sea as well as land on the mother earth and obviously when the sun will rise, the air will get heated up more in case of land than the water. It is the nature of the gases that when they are heated, they get lighter and thus arise. The cooler air above the water body, thus moves to fill the vacant portion left by the air that has risen and this way winds are formed.

Why Is This Wind Able To Make Power?

If you are a science student like me, you will obviously know that anything which moves will surely have some kinetic energy with it which is obviously a form of energy and energy means power. The winds generated sometimes have got a much higher kinetic energy associated with them and thus the wind mills are prepared in such a way that they have got fans fixed with a power generation unit. Obviously, when the winds will move, the kinetic energy of winds will rotate the windmill blades and when the blades will rotate, the turbines attached to the power generation unit will also start rotating and power will be generated this way.

Facts Associated With the Wind Power:-

Obviously wind power is a result of the kinetic energy of the blowing winds and when there is no kinetic energy in the winds, the fan blades will not rotate and the power will also not be generated as well. The windmills are thus fixed on the top of hills and mountains as there is always an abundance of winds in such regions enough to generate kinetic energy and make the blades move so as to generate power with the turbines, which later on can be bought in use so as to attach the power supplied of various homes in the network of these windmills.


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