What Is Whatsapp



Whatsapp was a cross messaging platform released in 2009 with a motive to provide a faster and better messaging platform developed for a better messaging and sending files and contacts and videos along with your pictures and voice clips for a better interaction with your friends.

Making of Whatsapp :-

Whatsapp was founded by Mr. Jan Koum and Brian Acton with Jan Koum as the Chief Executive Officer employing 55 people with it and Head Quarters in Mountain View California, U.S.  The web site of Whatsapp is www.whatsapp.com

What Is Whatsapp, Whatsapp Icons, Whatsapp Privacy

What Is Whatsapp

Platform Compatible With :-

Whatsapp is compatible with Android, Blackberry, IOS, Symbian, Nokia S40 devices, windows phone etc and can be downloaded from Play store or the other apps like Mobogenie etc, or directly from the website of the application.
Whatsapp is parented by Facebook Inc. and it is in the process of take over after face book announced its acquisition of Whatsapp Inc on Feb, 19 2014 for 19-billion U.S.$ and till October 2014, it became most globally popular messaging application with more than 600 million active users and more than 70 million users in INDIA followed by China’s Wechat.

Functioning of Whatsapp :-

Whatsapp is basically a subscription program that starts free for about one year and then after the user has to pay for the renewal of the subscription. The moment a user confirms the application with his or her mobile number, an option is shown to upload your picture and enter the name, after doing so, your profile gets created and you can send message to any of your contacts on Whatsapp, you can adjust the privacy settings according to your needs and upload the profile picture or update status or change the wallpaper of your choice.

Features of Whatsapp :-

1. Video and Image Sending And Receiving :-

With Whatsapp it becomes easy to share your moments with your friends, you can share the moments of your life directly with your friends by simply going to the “send video” icon or you can directly shoot the video or picture with Whatsapp camera icon given in the message bar.

2. Voice Clip Sending And Receiving :-

Suppose there is something that you are not able to make understand to your friend at the other side, you can directly record a voice clip and send it to the other side, or suppose it’s the birthday of your friend, you can just say happy birthday with your own recorded voice to your friend at the opposite side.

3. Messaging with Emojis :-

In the message sending bar, there is a special icon tray for Emojis that can add feelings to your messages and do not let the chatting ever be boring to make.

4. Location Sharing :-

Suppose you want to share your location with someone, Whatsapp makes it easy for you to do so by using Google Maps and G.P.S. your current location is sent to the other side.

5. Contact Sharing :-

It becomes easy to share your contacts with Whatsapp, you just have to go to the contact that you want to share, and that is sent to the other side, the user to the other side can click the contact directly to save it in his or her contact list.

6. Privacy :-

Whatsapp is not worth messaging, but it is messaging with privacy. No one other has the access to your private info till you yourself don’t want to have a contact with him or her. There are three options for privacy that come with Whatsapp, in the first and second one, the user can hide or make visible the “last seen” or his profile picture or his or her status from everybody and in third one, he or she can make the “last seen” or status or profile picture be available to his or her contacts only.

There is an option to delete your whole account or to block somebody if he or she keeps on disturbing you and he or she won’t be able to contact the user.


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