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What is Water Pollution?

What is Water Pollution?


Water pollution refers to the contamination of water due to the pollutants that are added to it. The pollution of water makes it unfit for drinking and other usage of human needs like irrigation etc. Water pollution adds to the human problems as water is the basic essential for the human needs and if it gets contaminated, the entire human existence comes in a danger. Water pollution has become a cause of concern for all people these days and even the government agencies focus on programs to combat water pollution. Let us make you aware about what exactly it means.

What is Water Pollution?

What is Water Pollution?

Water Pollution A Cause of Concern:-

As we all know that water is a universal solvent that serves for the purpose of drinking, cooking , washing as well as all the other such purposes of human needs, besides this you can even think it as a habitat of various organisms like fishes, crabs, octopuses, etc. that depend directly or indirectly on water to survive and not even the marine life but the other animals like deer, lion, tigers, etc.

That are a part of wildlife also depend directly or indirectly on water bodies so as to quench their thirst and thus water pollution becomes a cause of concern this way. The entire biosphere is likely to be affected with the contamination of water and this is why I referred it as the cause of concern in today’s world.

Water Pollution and Acid Rain:-

When due to various emissions of carbonic pollutants, the air gets contaminated, the rain falling from sky after coming in contact with these atmospheric pollutants is also equally likely to get contaminated as well. You may simply understand it as when the water is collected by an individual to water his plants or if it falls on the trees, the water reaching the soil will make it lose its fertility and the good micro organisms and worms living in that part of soil will die because of this acidic content. Talking about the buildings and monuments, these will meet corrosion and the pains etc done on various machines and vehicles will also start getting ruined layer by layer.

Water Pollution and Chemicals Added:-

The chemicals that are added to the water bodies after the factories emit them are also a major cause of water pollution. It has been seen that the waste generated in factories is illegally thrown to the water bodies which proves to have a hand behind polluting the water bodies as well.

The Customs Are Also a Big Enemy:-

The customs related to rituals and other such customs are also a big enemy of water bodies. If you have traveled to some religious place like haridwar part of Uttarakhand district of India, you must have seen people doing rituals in these rivers and flowing idols of gods along with other such things including the dead remnants of their relatives as well. This proves to pollute the water bodies and thus the life forms get affected this way.

The rest if all done by the factories whose generated waste is added to these water bodies causing water pollution and though government keeps on running several programs to prevent water pollution, still all will go in vain till we do not understand our own duties towards water and its preserving.


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