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What Is Vitiligo And Types of Vitiligo

What Is Vitiligo And Types of Vitiligo


Vitiligo or safed daag is a skin condition or disease that causes the skin of various parts of a person to get depegmented or in general we may say that when the skin of any person starts forming white patches on itself, the condition is described as vitiligo or safed daag in hindi ( india ).

What Is Vitiligo, Types of Vitiligo, What Causes Vitiligo

What Is Vitiligo, Types of Vitiligo, What Causes Vitiligo

The condition of vitiligo affects the person when the skin pigment cells of any person either die or are unable to function properly.

Causes And Signs of Vitiligo:-

Getting in contact with certain chemicals can cause vitiligo besides the other causes like genetical reasons or oxidative stress or neural reasons or the auto-immune or the viral causes.

The person suffering from vitiligo is likely to remain isolated from the rest of the people as he may think others do not like him because of his skin tone and might even suffer from complex and depression also.
The first and the main sign of the person to be suffering from this disease is the presence of patchy areas of the depegmented skin on the body of the person and the patches may be initially smaller in size but may grow afterwards and change their shape.

The skin lesions are also likely to occur being most prominent on the face, the hands and the wrists of the person. Some lesions may even have an increased skin pigment around its edges. The pigmented skin is likely to be seen particularly on the mouth, eyes, nostrils etc of the person.

Types of Vitiligo:-

Segmental Vitiligo:-

The segmental type of vitiligo may differ in the terms of presence, looks and prevalence from the related disease. The treatment of this type of vitiligo is a bit different from the non segmental type of vitiligo and it generally affects the areas of the skin that are related with the dorsal roots of the spinal cord in that person being the most often unilateral.

Non Segmental Vitiligo:-

In this type of vitiligo, the patches may be found within a symmetrical order of depegmentation. The new patches may also be seen over time and may even cover a large portion of the body. The classes of this type of vitiligo may include the generalized type of vitiligo or universal vitiligo or focal vitiligo or acrofacial vitiligo or mucosal vitiligo.


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