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What is Various Treatment of Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer Treatment


The treatment of the testicular type of cancer involves approaches like surgery, the radiation therapy , and the chemotherapy. the first among all, a surgery is usually performed by the urologists, the second among the three, the radiation therapy is administered by the radiation oncologists and the chemotherapy is practiced by the medical oncologists. In most of the patients that suffer with the testicular cancer, the cancer is cured readily with a minimal long-term morbidity depending on the other factors like the stage.

What is Various Treatment of Testicular Cancer

What is Various Treatment of Testicular Cancer

The average survival rate after five years is found to be around ninety five percent and the initial stage cancers that are not properly monitored are found to exist with a hundred percent of survival rate.

The surgical treatment:-

The initial treatment of this type of cancer or what we call orchiectomy is a surgery to remove the affected testicle and in some of the cases it may also be possible to remove the testicular cancer tumors from the testis leaving the testis to be fully functional, though hopelessly in just a few cases as the affected testicle is sure to be filled with pre-cancerous cells spread throughout the entire testicle of the affected person. Moreover, to remove a tumor alone without the additional treatment becomes much riskier as other cancer is sure to form inside that testicle.

Only one testes is needed to maintain fertility in the case of males for the activities like hormone production and the other male functions. The affected testes is almost removed completely in a process called inguinal orchiectomy.

The radiation therapy:-

The second approach used to treat testicular cancer is radiation therapy, this approach might be practiced to treat stage two type of seminoma cancers, or as a preventativetype of therapy in the case of initial stage seminomas, to minimize the possibility that some, non-detectable tumors may exist and might get spread to the inguinal and para-aortic type of lymph nodes of the person suffering from testicular cancer.

The chemotherapy:-

The third approach used to treat testicular cancer is called as the chemotherapy. Chemotherapy proves to be the standard treatment option in the case of non-seminoma when the cancer gets spread to the other parts of the patient.
Lymph node surgery can also be practiced when chemotherapy gets finished to remove out the masses left in the casuality. The usage of chemotherapy as a substitute to the radiation therapy in the treatment of seminoma is getting prectised at a faster rate nowadays. Because in the radiation therapy, more significant and long term side effects are likely to occur.


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