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What Is The Treatment For Leukemia Cancer

What Is The Treatment For Leukemia Cancer


A pharmaceutical -medicine combined with a multi-drug chemotherapy can be practiced to treat leukemia. Leukemia can be treated with radiation therapy or in some other cases transplant of the bone marrow in a person might also prove to be an effective means in treating leukemia.

What Is The Treatment For Leukemia Cancer

What Is The Treatment For Leukemia Cancer

The treatment of leukemia basically focuses on the control of the bone marrow and the systematic entire body disease.  The treatment basically focuses on the leukemic cells from spreading to the other sites in the body including the nervous system.

Phases Involved In The Treatment:-

The phases of treatment in the treatment of leukemia involve introduction chemotherapy to bring about the remission of the bone marrow.

For children’s with a lower amount of risk, the combination of three drugs namely   prednisone, l-asparaginase, and vincristine is practiced and for the treatment options in the first month ,the consolidation therapy might also be practiced to remove any other leukemia cells left behind. Consolidation might be practiced by following various approaches being a source of about a few months and being a high dose- multi drug treatment.

The individuals that are having a low risk get the therapy with the anti-metabolite drugs i.e. Methotrexate and 6m-pm.the patients with a higher amount of risk   receive a higher dose of drugs along with some additional drugs like the central nervous system prophylaxis or the preventive therapy to stop the carcinoma from being spread to the brain of the individual along with the central nervous system.the standard prophylaxis might include the radiation of the head or the drugs that are delivered directly into the spine.
The maintenance treatment might be achieved with the chemotherapic drugs to prevent the disease from occurring again once the remission has been achieved.

The ralapsed patients of leukemia may find it in-appropriate for them to go for a allogenic bone marrow transplant.

To Treat Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia:-

The chronic lymphocytic leukemia might be treated depending on the stage and the symptoms of the disease, the chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients have a lower grade disease in them and the patients with the complications in them can get benefited from the treatment while others just have the light traces of symptoms in them.

The indications for the treatment being the fallen hemoglobin or the platelet count or the progression to a later stage of the disease might prove to be painful to the individual thus this type of leukemia remains uncurable and thus the approach for treatment largely involves combination chemotherapy with the cyclophosphamide along with prednisone.


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