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What is the Treatment for Aids and Hiv Infection

What Is The Treatment For Hiv And Aids


Not Curable But Still Don’t Loose Hope:-

AIDS can’t be cured but still there is still hope if you have been infected with the HIV virus and AIDS, there are two or three cases of AIDS patients that have been cured being a miracle providing hope for the others but the cure approaches are not safe anyway.  till the date there is no medicine that can clear the HIV virus from an individual’s body but there are some therapies that can slow down the growth of the virus in an individual with HIV in him.

What is the Treatment for Aids and Hiv Infection

What is the Treatment for Aids and Hiv Infection

the complications of the HIV may be fought out by using some medications but there is still not any cure to this disease  the treatment strategy is based upon the approaches that reduce the HIV in the body of the person and keep the immune system of that person better than before and as healthy as possible Reducing the complications if any.
the more the immune system of the person stays healthy, the less is the risk for him to die because of AIDS.
though most of the medications of this disease come with side effects, the doctor along with the staff and patient can work on how to reduce and manage the side effects.

Drugs And Therapies Involved:-

As foretold, there is no specific cure or medication to this disease but medications can prove to be much beneficial in reducing the virus in the body of the patient and keep him as healthy as possible some drugs like Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors, or Didanosine or Lamivudine or Stavudine or Tenofovir etc approved by the F.D.A can be used as a medication to the patient of AIDS.

Anti-Retrovial Therapy or simply ART is capable to slow down the damage made by these virus to the immune system of the individual and help him to survive longer. the opportunistic infections of the disease can be prevented by using some other drugs. if done with a proper care, this approach may prove useful to extend the life of an AIDS infected person The approaches like anti-retrovial therapy may prove to be beneficial to the person suffering from AIDS as the damage to the immune system gets likely to recover in these types of approaches and the person gets healthier then before and survives for a longer time. the patient of AIDS needs proper councelling about the disease he is suffering from and needs to be provided the proper care he deserves.


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