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What is The Sound Barrier

What Is The Sound Barrier


When the earlier attempts were made to make an aircraft fly, there was a barrier introduced that was named as the sound barrier. Talking about the definition of sound barrier, the white cloud that gets formed by decreased air pressure and temperature around the tail of an aircraft is referred to as sound barrier and it may also be explained as the effect experienced by an aircraft or other such objects when approaching a supersonic speed. In order to understand sound barrier in a better way, let us discuss various aspects that an aircraft comes across while in its flight.

What Is The Sound Barrier

What is The Sound Barrier

1. The Earlier Forms of Aircrafts:-

The earlier forms of aircrafts could fly with a limited speed. The majority of aircrafts could not fly at night and there were even some aircrafts that used to fear one limit of speed that we refer to as the supersonic speed. There were two fears to this speed, one was that if any aircraft tries to travel with tremendous speed, it may catch fire and other was the sound barrier that aircrafts used to overcome while trying to cross the specified speed limit.

2. The Later Forms of Aircrafts:-

With an advancement in technology, there came a kind of advancement with the aircrafts as well and as the speedy engines were built that were capable of increasing their speed beyond the previous levels, there raised a belief that the sound barrier could also be tackled.

3. After The Flight has been made:-

After the flight has been made, there is a time the aircraft keeps on increasing its speed and there comes a time when the speed is too close to the supersonic speed. This creates a kind of barrier that makes the flight to increase speed nearly impossible after this limit known as the sound barrier.

4. When Sound Barrier Is Reached:-

Talking about the point of time when an aircraft reaches the sound barrier, it is about 20 °C in dry air and at the speed of 343 meters per second or you may say 1234 kilometers per hour. This makes it quite impossible for the pilot to increase the speed more and thus it acts as a barrier.

5. The Arrival of Term Sound Barrier:-

The term “Sound Barrier” first arrived during the World War II. A number of aircrafts involved in this war were experiencing the effects of compressibility and their aircrafts has been struck with the sound barrier which was un-named till that time. The effects that this barrier was making them experience included a sort of trouble that made them think they can’t break the supersonic speed.

6. The Breaking of Sound Barrier:-

Later on nearly around the period of 1950’s there arrived new aircrafts that could break the sound barriers and these aircrafts were added to the forces of various nations. Now the aircrafts could reach the supersonic speed and could even go beyond that while they used to be in their flight.


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