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What is the Sign and Symptoms of Dengue Fever

What Is Dengue Fever And Symptoms


Dengue fever or break-bone fever or simply dengue, is a mosquito spread disease that is caused by the dengue virus. the symptoms of this disease involve fever, severe headache and muscles and joint pains. in this disease a characteristic rash can occur on the skin that is similar to the state of measles. the platelets in the blood start decreasing and hemorrhagic fever may even reside to the person that may even result in bleeding being a threat to life. blood plasma leakage may even occur.

What is the Sign and Symptoms of Dengue Fever

What is the Sign and Symptoms of Dengue Fever

dengue is generally spread by a few species of mosquitoes within the genus aedes i.e A. aegypti the virus having five types of it and the infection with one type gives life long immunity to that type but a short-term immunity to the others. there is no commercially available vaccine to this disease and hence the prevention to this disease means to reduce the number of mosquitoes and by preventing mosquito bites.

Symptoms of Dengue:-

the first symptom of dengue fever is a un-complicated fever that occurs in the patient and then the severe illness that becomes life-threatening. the period of incubation in this disease remains from three to fourteen days and most often it is four to seven days. as dengue is simply a result of mosquito bite so the prevention of this type of disease just depends on controlling the number of mosquitoes.

prevention is always better than cure so the best way is to prevent mosquitoes from biting you before giving a chance to the disease to happen and to look for the cures. there are a number of mosquito repellent coils and cakes and sprays to kill the mosquitoes like mortein, all out etc and a number of ointments and gels that keep mosquito away.

there are a number of repellant sprays that once sprinkled on the walls of the houses kill all the mosquitoes dead and keep you free from the tention of developing this disease. mosquito net treated with anti mosquito solution must be used while sleeping so that at night when you are sleeping no mosquito may bite you and you may be free from diseases like dengue. there are also a number of sprays that can be sprinkled in houses once a month to kill all the mosquitoes that are hidden deep inside the places in our houses.


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