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What is the Process of Election in India

How To Vote In India


The constitution of India is to the people, for the people and by the people, which means that it is the people of India that elect their leader and the leader elected by them works for them and if he or she after winning the elections, does not work nicely for them, they have the full power to change the leader elected by them. Constitution gives the power of voting to each and every citizen of India but every individual can vote just a single time on the polling day. The candidate that has voted gets a blue ink mark on his or her finger, means that she has given her vote. For giving the vote, one must have a voter i.d proof or identity card that can be made from the election office along with the voting slip that one can get after getting registered with the election office from the m.c of his area or the Sarpanch of his or her village.

What is the Process of Election in India - HowFlux

What is the Process of Election in India

Know your leader before voting :-

Now that you have got your voter card, you have become eligible to vote, every citizen of India that is older than eighteen years in age, gets the right to vote in the elections. But the voter card itself is not enough for voting, even a single vote matters, so before going to vote, know the leader you are going to vote for, as the leader that wins the election with your vote will come in power after winning the elections and choosing a wrong leader means to chose the doom of the country, so know your leader and then vote for him.

If none of the candidate is eligible :-

if you think no leader is eligible for winning, you can chose the “nota “ option in the electronic voting machine that means you want no leader to win the elections and no one is suitable for your area. Suppose none of the people vote for any of the candidate and all the votes go for nota then there comes a state of re-elections.

Going for voting :-

After every five years elections are organized and polling centers are chosen for the voting and votes to be calculated under security of the security forces. The polling booth is allotted to every voter to go and vote for his or her favorite candidate and the individual that has to vote can go to the polling booth and cue up in the line to get his or her vote given.

Nobody watches you while voting :-

there is a completely isolated corner in the polling booth where there is an electronic voting machine kept in a corner and the voter after signing in and showing his documents including the voter slip and voter card can go to that corner and press the button of the party of his or her favorite candidate. The machine gives a beep for the voting done and the patient then can go to his home after getting his or her finger inked.
Then there comes the turn of counting and to wait for the results of polling. The best candidate among all is thus chosen to be the representative of all.


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