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What is the Formation of Fossil fuels (5 Steps)

Formation of Fossil Fuels


We know that fossil fuels are the fuels that have resulted from the fossils or what we may refer to as the dead and decayed bodies of the organisms and plants buried under earth that results in formation of the fuels after various chemical and physical processes take place for a long period but we always stay doubtful about the process of formation that results in it and thus here we are explaining that process for you in this article.

What is the Formation of Fossil fuels

What is the Formation of Fossil fuels

1. Are The Fossils A Product Of Dinosaur Age?

If we ask our elders about what these fossils are a product of, people might answer that these are the product of dinosaur age and the dead bodies of dinosaurs have resulted in fossil fuels but here it creates a contradiction, even before the age of dinosaurs, there used to live some creatures on earth and if I talk about these fossils, they were formed 300 million years ago. When there used to live one celled organisms on earth and dinosaurs are a part of it. You cannot take only dinosaurs as a basis of formation of these fossils, but these fossils are a result of the dead bodies of the creatures that lived even before the dinosaur age.

2. Fossil Fuels Used To Be A Living Thing Once:-

The fossil fuels that you use in your day to day lives were once the living creatures. These creatures used to live on earth approximately 300 million years ago. The earth that we live on today was not like this that time and there were no humans but the single celled organisms like Phytoplankton etc. lived in the ocean and the climate was a bit warmer that time.

3. The Changes In Biodiversity Were Made:-

Now you have come to know that there used to be life 300 million years back on this planet, but ultimately all the life has to meet its end some day. These creatures ultimately met their end and their dead bodies got buried in the soil. The layers kept on accumulating up these dead bodies and mud and soil kept on depositing over it. The temperature conditions made various changes and the fossil fuels resulted this way. The changes in biodiversity of that time took place and after passing million of years, these dead plants and creatures took the form of modern day fuels.

4. Processes That Resulted In Formation of The Fossils:-

The various chemical and physical processes kept on happening with the decomposed material and the temperature conditions as well as the pressure applied on this debris kept on decomposing these fossils. The organic remains were then extracted applying various processes like extracting the crude oil from the soil by the means of pipelines and coal to be extracted by the process of mining. These fossil fuels came to the knowledge of people this way and there begin an era of fossil fuels.

5. After The Ultimate Product Got Formed:-

After the ultimate product got formed and people came to know that these fossils are an awesome source of energy that may bring about a revolution in changing people’s lives, these fossils were bought in use so as to run machines, engines and as a substitute to generate fire for cooking purposes. The more man researched about these fossil fuels, the more he became aware about the advantages and disadvantages that these fuels had for him and this way these fossil fuels came to knowledge of people.


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