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What is the Best Treatment for Thalassemia

What is the Treatment for Thalassemia


Thalassemia is form of blood disorder characterized by abnormal formation of hemoglobin and the abnormal hemoglobin, thus formed results in improper oxygen transport increasing the risks including overload of iron, bone deformalities as well as infections. This problem can prove to take your life and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help you prevent this disease and help you recover it. Some of the ways to prevent and treat thalassemia have been mentioned by us in this article.

What is the Best Treatment for Thalassemia

What is the Best Treatment for Thalassemia

1. Folate Supplements:-

The first thing that I will advise you is to go for the folate supplements. This is not the name of the supplement but I am advising you to take supplements rich in folate. These supplements are readily available with every pharmacy store as well as supplement store and is not too much expensive rather.

2. Stay In Touch With A Bones Specialist:-

In some acute cases, you might even have to go for a bone marrow transplant and thus I will advise you to stay in touch with a bones specialist. Patient of thalassemia might any time need the assistance of a bones specialist and thus it is advised to stay in touch with him.

3. You May Need A Blood Transfusion:-

Keep searching for the blood group that matches you as the patient of Thalassemia might need to go for a blood transfusion anytime. I advise you to keep searching and stay in contact with people who are ready to donate some of their blood for you. This can prove to be an added benefit anytime you need to go for a blood transfusion.

4. Regular Appointments With Specialist:-

Stay in touch with a specialist to work on plans for a better survival. Work out on a diet plan. Work out on what you have to eat, what you don’t have to eat, how you will regulate the amount of iron in your body and what needs to be done if it gets in access.

5. Maintain The Levels of Iron:-

Iron levels are not likely to stay normal in case of the patient of thalassemia. He might need to look for iron supplements sometimes and sometimes the level of iron may even go higher than the required one. It is thus adviced to keep on maintaining the level of iron monitoring it with the help of your health specialist. Take food rich in iron when you are deficient in this mineral and quit everything that contains iron when you have it in surplus.

6. Proper Medications:-

Take your medications in time as it can help you live longer. Go for the treatment sessions and seek for the proper guidance from your health care provider. If you have got iron in access, you can go for a medication that is named as “ deferasirox”. You might even need to go for a surgery depending on how critical you are. Thalassemia is best cured when it is in mild stage. Be brave enough to go for everything whole heartedly to save your life.


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