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What is the Advantage of a Sim Free Mobile Phone

What Is A Sim Free Phone


The phones that do not include a SIM card in the package are known as SIM free mobile phones. The phones in this case do not come up with an agreement between the purchaser and the network provider. The buyer purchases the phone of his or her choice without a SIM card in the package and then chooses a SIM card of his or her choice and a plan of his or her choice.

What is the Advantage of a Sim Free Mobile Phone

What is the Advantage of a Sim Free Mobile Phone

What Is A SIM Card Contract?

there are some of the mobile companies that make an agreement with the mobile operators to sell their mobile at a cheaper price than the actual price to the buyer but the buyer has to use the mobile with that SIM card only that comes up with the phone and the user can’t change the SIM card and thus the network provider gets benefited as till the user uses that mobile, he or she will have to stay connected with the network provider in the agreement and the company will keep on getting profit like this.

Advantages of Sim Free Mobiles:-

the SIM free mobiles do not come up with any sort of contract means you make a one time investment while purchasing the phone paying the full price and you can chose the network provider of your own choice and the mobile phone comes completely unlocked to you and lets you chose the SIM card you want to use with it.
when you sign contract for a mobile, the network provider will subsidies the cost of the phone, and you will have to pay a price lesser than the actual cost of the phone but will get charged while using their network in your phone so the SIM free mobiles put you on an advantage over the contract phones as you just make a one time investment and stay away of the extra charges.

Dis-Advantages of Having A Contract:-

those who indulge in the contracts for using a particular network for getting a phone at a cheaper cost are likely to suffer as the user might have to pay an eye watering amount as the bills of the network he or she uses and might wish to change the network but will not be able to do so as he has made an agreement with a specific mobile network provider and the company has to use the line rental as a collateral to cover the subsidy amount. Some network providers even charge a high bill amount with time and the choice might prove to be a more expensive one for you. Thus it is advice to purchase a SIM-free mobile to be away of such agreements that are just meant to be fool the customer.


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