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What is Stress and Dealing with Stress

What is Stress?


Stress can be understood as the body’s way to react to any kind of demand either due to the family problems or due to some personal disturbances. When somebody is feeling stressed as there is something going on around him, the body of that individual will undergo some chemical changes that will make him undergo the signs of stress that may include the changes in temper, restlessness etc. Stress is the most common people amongst all aged groups these days and when you are able to understand it better, it gets easier for you to tackle it in better ways.

What is Stress?

What is Stress

Causes of Stress:-

The condition of Stress in an individual might be the result of a fear to loose something or due to somebody, Job related crises, Emotional problems and might even be a result of environmental agents like crowding, pressure from family or work, noise, crowding and honking horns etc. Some people who tend to go for over time with their job are also likely to get stressed much often and people who are not able to manage their relations as well as work side by side also fall a pray to this health disorder.

Effects of Stress On An Individual:-

Stress can make you get affected both physically as well as mentally. If you take a large loads of stress, you are likely to fall prey to many added health problems like Tiredness and mental breaks downs etc. Stress can sometimes lead you to the more acute problems like depression etc. and when the problem gets more acute, the individual might even suffer the added problems like chronic stress etc.

Dealing With Stress:-

With the increasing cases of stress related with people these days, the need to overcome it is also felt and there is no way to deal with the chemicals that body produces except the prevention of it using some steps that can make us avoid getting stressed.

Stress can make you get less productive at work and can even make your relations go worse. The students that take excess stress are found to be lacking concentration while studies and the other people also suffer a lot including housewives as well as the other such people.

In order to deal with stress, You need to maturely handle the cause of it first. If you are getting stressed because of some family problem, you should go for a leave and try to solve that problem first as if you keep on taking stress like this, Neither the problem will get solved and nor will you be able to work productively. If you are experiencing some work based stress, you should try to reduce the workload and work in a stress free way as Job is done for comfort and not to lose comfort.

Friendly Advise:-

If the stress is a mental one and the situation is getting worse with some patient, He or she is advised to seek an immediate counseling for it. You should immediately reach your doctor and ask him what needs to be done. The doctor will recommend you some drugs to deal with the symptoms and thus you will be able to live in a healthy way.


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