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What is Spam, Definition of Spam

What is Spam, Definition of Spam


You can understand spam as an electronic messaging system that sends you the unsolicited messages or spam that is generally s type of advertisement or a message that is sent to you repeatedly at the same time that floods your mailing inbox and even can be of the form of an abuse or simply a marketing mail. Commonly no user entertains these type of mails and there is a special folder for spam within every social networking or mailing website. The spam may be a Facebook spam, a Gmail spam, web search engine spam or even the online advertisement spam or a junk mail.

What is Spam, Definition of Spam

What is Spam

1. Email Spam:-

You can take Email spam as a spam that is sent to you via emails and maybe containing some junk with it. These mails are basically unwanted ones and may contain some commercial content or the content from some jobs related website as well. The jobs related subscribed websites keep on flooding your email with frequent mails that can be irritating you and when you stop viewing them , they start getting in the spam folder.

2. Instant Messaging Spam:-

You can take the instant messaging spam as the messages that are sent to the instant messaging applications like Whatsapp, Skype, Viber etc. though these are blocked by the firewall but are targeted most often by spammers after the emails.

3. News Group And Page Subscriptions Related Spam:-

If you are receiving spam, it might be the result of some subscription that you have made to a page of some website or some news group. These would have asked you to synchronize your social media applications with these pages or groups and these way you start getting spam mails.

4. Mobile Phone Text Messaging Spam:-

The SMS or MMS based service that your phones come equipped with is also a sort of spamming junction for the spammers. You can take it as the messages that your inbox gets flooded with when you are using a phone. These might be the result of some company based promotional, marketing or even some friend of yours trying to humiliate you and you can report it as spam.

5. Social Networking Spam:-

You might be receiving spam if you are on some social networking website like Facebook or Google + or even some search engine like Google, ask.com, Bing, Yahoo etc. that practice modifying the HTML web pages so as to spam you up. The spam that you receive on social networking websites may be a page admin promoting it or somebody doing business marketing on social pages. These types of spam can be reported abuse and thus you stop receiving them by blocking the sender. If a group is sending you these messages, you can choose to repost them a spam and thus they will be sent automatically to the spam folder keeping your main inbox free from these mails.

6. Online games related spam:-

Many games like a clash of clans etc. that are played online with data kept on to communicate with the other players can even make you get spammed. The chat rooms and messaging from one player to other provided within these gaming applications makes you get spammed with unwanted users that seek to send you unwanted mails.


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