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What is Soil Pollution? – Causes of Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution? – Causes of Soil Pollution


Well, as we all know that pollution is when the unwanted pollutants get added to anything. Soil pollution also may be taken as the condition in which pollutants get added to the soil. This may be happening because of many factors like acid rains, excessive usage of chemicals and fertilizers, concrete mixtures that are made to lie on the same piece of land for much time or even sometimes due to some other factors like adding the soil with the contaminators. In order to understand soil pollution briefly, you will need to understand the factors that result in it which may be taken as follows.

What is Soil Pollution? - Causes of Soil Pollution

What is Soil Pollution? – Causes of Soil Pollution

Causes of Soil Pollution:-

The other causes of soil pollution may include the concrete mixture to keep collected on a single portion of soil for a long period of time, which makes the soil lose its fertility or intensive farming or rapid deforestation and genetically modified plants as well. In some cases it has been reported that the industrial waste that is disposed off in the ground also adds to the soil pollution in certain ways and illegal dumping of it can thus be thought as a culprit to soil pollution as well.

Soil erosion on the other hand also adds to the soil pollution and the fuel pumping as well as chemicals that we use to kill pests and weeds also add to the problem. The other soil pollution causing agents can be taken as the polluted water to be added in the fields or excessive waste to be decomposed in the land. All the factors that lead to the deposition of pollutants in the soil and cause its contamination can thus be taken as soil pollution.

Main cause of soil pollution:-

Talking about the main cause of soil pollution, the contamination of soil due to various chemical liquids that are human made and other such alteration that takes place with soil layers is likely to cause soil pollution. The improper disposal of waste like agricultural chemicals, polythene bags, etc. adds to the soil pollutants and other such chemicals generated by the factories and industries adds to the pollution caused to the soil as well.

Acid Rain and Soil Pollution:-

When the rain comes from the sky, it comes in contact with the atmospheric pollutants that make it acidic and when it finally reaches the ground, it causes the soil pollution resulting in lowering down the fertility of that soil and killing off the mineral content of that soil along with the good microorganisms that enhance the fertility of soil and thus even the acid rain adds to the pollution of soil this way.

Chemical Fertilizers and Soil Pollution:-

Talking about the chemical based fertilizers that are in fashion these days, they may increase your production to some extent, but these chemicals prove to be harmful for soil’s fertility and the beneficial worms like earthworm etc. that enhance the fertility of soil also die out by the application of these chemical based fertilizers that is becoming a cause of concern these days.


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