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What Is Sleep Paralysis

What Is Sleep Paralysis


Sleeping paralysis may be explained as the stage of a person in which he is either falling asleep or when awaken but still not able to move, speak or react and feels like he or she is paralysed.


What Is Sleep Paralysis, Causes of Sleep Paralysis

What Is Sleep Paralysis, Causes of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is often accompanied by the terrifying hallucinations such as when someone trespasses the room. Sleep paralysis can occur even after getting cured at any instant of life and the disease is mostly associated with the person who is not able to get proper or adequate sleep in his or her daily routine or remains flooded with workload and stress and hence can’t get proper sleep.

What Actually Happens When We Are Asleep:-

The sleep happens in a period of cycles and each of those cycles involves the rapid eye movement sleep or the non-rapid eye movement sleep, the brain of an individual stays much active during the rapid eye movement sleep and most of the dreams are likely to come during this stage only and during this stage, the body of an individual remains paralysed and besides the movement of eyes of the individual, the diaphragm also moves and the paralysis might be thought to prevent one from acting in the dreams.

When the person wakes up and still the normal muscular paralysis continues temporarily the stage is called as the sleep paralysis.

Factors Enhancing The Sleep Paralysis:-

The factors that enhance the sleep paralysis in an individual are namely the age, the sleeping deprivation, i.e. In which the people do not get enough sleep and irregular sleeping patterns are also responsible to cause sleep paralysis.

The people with a family history of the disease are also likely to get it inherited from their parents.
Children’s in a small age group are more likely to be affected with this disease and the people on jobs that provide excess workload to them are also likely to make them stressed and fatigued that makes them sleep paralysed.
The people with an habit of sleeping late at night and getting awake early also get prone to this disease.

Cause of Sleep Paralysis:-

The main cause of sleep paralysis is the hormones produced by the body of an individual to help him sleep and that do not wear off when he or she wakes up. Sleep paralysis means that the person is paralysed temporarily but is still conscious.


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