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What is Sexual Discrimination or Gender Discrimination

What is Sexual Discrimination or Gender Discrimination


Often we hear about the word gender or sex based discrimination. The discrimination based on an individual’s sex or gender can be understood as the gender or sex based discrimination and it has been under practice since years. Although the Indian constitution provides equal rights to both its citizens, including men as well as women, but still there is something that lacks and that is the temperament of people, which results in this type of discrimination still remain prevalent in some parts of the country.

What is Sexual Discrimination or Gender Discrimination

What is Sexual Discrimination or Gender Discrimination

What Sex Based Discrimination Involves?

Sex based discrimination involves approximately everything that deprives an individual from getting treated equally as compared with other opposite sex counter parts. It stays O.K with men much of the time and but females experience it from the very beginning of their life. It has been seen that most of the parents prefer to give birth only to a male child as it will bring forward their family name.

The bride is forced to get the female child aborted and she is forced to give birth to a male child despite it is not in her hands. If a female gets born, It is always a male’s fault, but still a female has to bear the blame for that. Even if the parents get the female child born, she is kept deprived of the education that she needs and most of the village women can be seen to have their lives wasted making cow dung cakes and doing labor in the kitchen while the male child is sent to get the best of his education as it is believed that he will bring forward the family name ahead.

Some Logics and Proofs That Will Boost My Words:-

Some logics and proofs that prove discrimination based on sex prevails since time immemorial can be regarded as follows:-

1. Why is it that the women leaves her parental house, goes to the male family to spend her rest of life and still she has to change her name to the groom’s name? If the groom proves to be a bad one, still the doors of her own family rather stay close.

2. Our funeral practices are a live example of gender based discrimination as it is just the males who do such things and females are never allowed to take part in these things.

3. Most of the males are allowed to make their career before marriage while the females are made to get marry even before completing the education life. It is also an example of gender based inequalities.

Creating The Contradiction-

Recently, many cases were reported in which the girls got educated and had an awesome salary that the groom was not having. These brides changed the custom by making the groom stay at their home after marriage and change his name according to his wife. I did not mean that only females are discriminated or only the males are discriminated but this is the society that can discriminate anyone and the temperament of people is the major culprit behind the gender based discrimination. It has been seen that the girl that the boy after marriage becomes a henpecked husband who starts dancing like a puppet on fingers of his wife and forgets to look after his parents while the daughter, though being the pride of somebody else’s family after marriage, still chooses to take a stand for her parents.

The Need of The Hour:-

The need of the hour is thus to prevent this discrimination and bring about a desired improvement in society providing equal opportunities for both males and females as somebody has rightly said,” A son is a son till he gets a wife, and a daughter is a daughter till the end of life” and thus there is a great need to start looking both the genders on an equal basis as the difference that god has created amongst males and females is just physical and emotions are still the same. The heart that beats in both the bodies has equal emotions associated with it.


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