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What is Second Hand Smoke and its effects

What is Second Hand Smoke


Often we hear the term passive smoking or second hand smoking and that it is injurious to our health, but what is this passive or second hand smoking and how does it effects your health? Well, when anybody is sitting by your side and smoking a cigarette or any other smoke related product, The smoke resulting from it is equally likely to enter your breathing area as it will do to the smoker and this way though he is having a cigarette in his hands but you are also smoking it indirectly or passively and thus you will be called a passive or second hand smoker.

What is Second Hand Smoke

What is Second Hand Smoke

Definition of Second Hand Smoking:-

The second hand smoke or passive smoke, is a smoking mixture resulting from the tobacco smoke. It may be a cigarette, tobacco filled tube or pipe and even a tobacco cigar as well. The person who smokes any tobacco based smoking product is said to be an active smoker and the person sitting by his side who will come in contact with the smoke that this active smoker generates will be referred to as a passive smoker.

Effects of Second Hand Smoke:-

Tobacco smoke contains more than 7000 chemical compounds that can really prove to be carcinogenic for you. The patient of second smoke is equally likely to suffer diseases like cancer and lungs related disorders. The smoke enters your air flow canal and the smaller particles rich in this smoke make their way to your lungs and body cells damaging them and causing them get malfunctioned.

The nicotine and other toxic chemicals rich in these tobacco products are likely to enter your body and make you diseased. The free radicals prove to bring about a spread of these cells and it proves to be carcinogenic for you. Second hand smoke can result in bringing about a decrease in the process of libido, cause a downfall or sperms and can even result in a poor delivery while in the case of pregnancy. It can cause you the cancer of voice box or even the brain or bladder related carcinoma. It can even cause you the cancer of liver or breast cancer as well.

Second Hand Smoke for Children And Pregnant Women:-

It has been seen that the children who suffered asthma in a minor age were almost all the results of exposure to secondhand smoke. The lung related disorders resulting in children were also a negative contribution of this second hand smoke only and there were some other physical as well as mental changes reported amongst children due to it.

Talking about second hand smoke in pregnancy, It was seen that the women who practiced second hand smoke during the period of pregnancy met miscarriage much often and they had met various childbirth failures as well. The babies who get born while in the exposure of second hand smoke often have a low weight and other such problems associated with their delivery. If you are a parent, It is advised to stay away of smoking at least till the child gets born so as to ensure a safe delivery and even if the child has got born, you need to mend your smoking ways and if the withdrawal symptoms don’t let you quit it, at least you can choose to stay away from family members while smoking.


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