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What is Schizophrenia – Schizophrenia Definition

What is Schizophrenia – Schizophrenia Definition


You can understand schizophrenia as the disorder of senses or a mental disorder that makes you behave abnormally and you are not able to make difference between mirage and reality. You might be a victim of it due to genetic factors or even social factors and it might even result to you because of some drugs that if taken in access are likely to make you insane. You might make false beliefs about things and the person might be seen talking to himself sometimes. The person will stay confused and will experience hallucinations.

 What is Schizophrenia – Schizophrenia Definition

What is Schizophrenia

How Can It Happen To Someone?

As I told it earlier, schizophrenia happens to someone either due to genetic factors or due to social factors, but you can easily know if a person is developing it in him as the affected person’s ability to think will get affected badly and he or she will go insane. There will be problems with the behavior and emotions and there may be traces of depression as well as anxiety. If there is somebody that is surviving on somebody else’s wealth for quiet a long time and is not able to get employed, stays homeless or lives in poverty, this might happen to him as well. People with a family history of this disease are also likely to get affected with it. Those who use drugs and alcohol in an uncontrolled way might even get this condition to get worse affecting them.

What Is The Medication?

In order to treat schizophrenia, you will need to go for an antipsychotic medicine to suppress the activity of dopamine receptor activity and the patient will be treated with care, counseling and medicinal drugs. The patient might even need to be hospitalized and an utmost care needs to be provided to him to make him stay normal.

What Are The Common Symptoms?

The commonly reported symptoms of schizophrenia may include hearing of multiple voices that are actually reported nowhere but still the patient hears them. The thinking or speech might get dis-organized or the patient might even forget how to wear his or her dress in a proper way. The person will lack responsiveness and will stay socially isolated as well.

What Needs To Be Done When Symptoms Seen?

If all the symptoms that I told you about this problem earlier are seen within any individual around you, it is the need of the hour to make him reach some good mental specialist and an utmost care needs to be taken for him. In the starting stages, when the person is not fully out of his senses, the problem can be asked from him and you can choose to help him as well, but in most of the cases it is good if you seek guidance from some mental health expert so as to save that person from getting completely insane because of Schizophrenia.


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