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What is RSS Feed – RSS Definition

What is RSS Feed – RSS Definition


RSS or the Really Simple Syndication or the Rich Site Summary can be referred to as the standard web feed formats that are displayed on internet when you are searching for some information on internet. These may be used to publish information in the form of data, news, blogs, audio, video and images formats. In simple words you can take it as a feed that enables your data to be syndicated automatically and this is the only reason why many contemporary news related web sites and blogs are making use of it to syndicate their data based on news through it.

What is RSS Feed - RSS Definition

What is RSS Feed – RSS Definition

Why Is RSS Used?

If you are a publisher, RSS will means to be a means for you to syndicate the data that you want to be available for your readers, but if you are a general internet based customer who searches for data on a regular basis, RSS will appear to you as a means to stay informed in an easy way by reading the blogs and news that RSS feeds for you but originally the publishers have provided that data information for you by the means of this RSS feed.

How RSS works?

You may simply take the working of RSS as an information syndicator. It retrieves the latest content from the sites and blogs that you are interested in and makes you aware providing the desired knowledge on that topic. The publishers publish the content and RSS feeds make that content available in your internet based searches to provide you the desired information and that’s it. This way you don’t need to visit each side individually and even your privacy stays ensured. You never need to subscribe to any website, especially this way and even you make a use of it. You just need to have a feed reader for this purpose like the one which is Google feed reader that most of the modern day browsers come equipped with.

RSS is the fastest way to get educated and make your site visitors educated giving them the most of your web site and the best of your website.

Advantages of RSS:-

RSS is easy to use for both the publishers and users and helps you keep all the news at one place, that saves a lot of time that you earlier had to spend visiting multiple web pages. RS gives an easy republishing facility to the publishers. Suppose you are a publisher that collects your news from the other web pages, you can easily do that making use of RSS and thus it gets friendly for both the publisher as well as the reader. The publishing is rather easy, the writing process is easy and you can even link it back to your website as well.


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