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What Is Research? – Meaning & Definition

What Is Research?


A research can be taken as a creative work made by people in a systematic way in order to gather knowledge about something. In other words if I speak, Research is nothing but gathering knowledge on a specific topic either after continuous efforts made yourself or by learning through the theories that other people have given earlier about it and then making their drawbacks get excluded while giving your own theories.

What Is Research?

What Is Research?

The basic Idea Behind Research:-

A research can be of any type, It may be a job related research, a topic related research for some debate, a project based research or even an academic research. Every year the governments of various nations spend a huge sum of their nation’s wealth in researches so as to bring about a boost to their technology as well as the other resources and in the further points you will get a clear idea why it is done. The basic idea behind the concept of research was to search the data or information based on a specific theory or work so as to go for its improvement by putting a contradiction in front of the others so as to make an analysis where it lacks and go for the desired improvement of it as well.

How to Research?

In order to research for some topic or something else, you just need to find out the existing details about it that have been put forward by the people who studied it earlier. Now suppose you are researching about something suppose a tree of type xyz. You will first of all find out all the theories and points that have been put forward be the people who made researches on that specific tree and that specific type of tree and then make a comparison of them.

Figure out the points that came common with all the early researchers and note down the points that came different with each research. Then go for the self-examination of that tree and that specific type so as to write down your own theory. If you are told to research about some experiment, you might need to perform that yourself or if you are planning to research about something that has never been researched upon by any researcher, you may need to start by the level zero with some of your formulas making calculations and noting down the points.

Why research?

The need of research is just to bring about the desired improvement in an existing theory and to discover new facts and making new discoveries because a fact is nothing but a thing yet to be discovered. While making a research about something, you simply determine each and every thing associated with it so as to make yourself aware about it and thus research needs to be done.

Modes of Research:-

There can be various modes of researches and the best one amongst them is to either meet some good researcher in your knowledge or to collect information by the non-material resources but as most of the past day researchers will not be alive till the date, you are supposed to read their published articles, books and journals by going to some good library, sit in silence and read their theories. You can also make research by studying various articles on internet and then the final step is to reach that specific thing that you need to make research of so as to explore it and write your ideas about it.


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