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What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy


Well, for everything that we do in regular life, like making food in a food processor, running up an inverter, working on a computer, pumping up the water, running the vehicles, etc. we make the use of energy and as we know that the fuels that we are using in our day to day lives are almost all non-renewable as these fuels take millions of years to form again from fossils, they can be categorized in the list of non-renewable sources of energy.

What is Renewable Energy? - Definition of Renewable Energy

What is Renewable Energy?

As the name suggests, the renewable energy refers to the form of energy that deals with the energy form that can be renewed again and again so as to meet the human requirements.

Need to Move towards the Renewable Energy:-

As we all know that till the date, almost a majority of us are still dependent on fuels like petroleum, diesel, kerosene oil, coal and natural gas for our energy needs and as we know that these energy sources are a result of fossils of animals and plants that got buried in the layers of soil millions of years ago and thus take millions of years to occur again, these cannot be taken as renewable and thus there comes a need to look for the ways which can be renewed much easily.

Talking about the renewable sources of energy, these can be considered as those sources of energy which we can obtain again and again and these sources cannot end much easily unlike the fossil fuels. The examples of such renewable sources are sun’s energy and wind’s energy and as we know that sun and wind are always with us, these energy sources are considered to be renewable.

Various Forms of Renewable Energy:-

As I told you earlier that the sun’s energy and wind’s energy are the two major forms of renewable energy, but there is a third one called biomass as well. Talking about the sun’s energy, the solar panel can be bought in use so as to convert the rays from sun to a form of energy and that can be bought in use so as to make electricity.

The wind power is so extremely high in some areas that even it can rotate the heavy fan blades to extreme speeds which can be attached with a power generator to generate electricity and the biomass, that I told you as the third type of renewable energy, is basically the biological material that we obtain from living or recently living organisms which can be bought in use so as to produce energy and as the living organisms are in abundance, this one is also a renewable type of energy.

Benefits of Renewable Energy:-

As we all know that fuels like coal generate carbon pollutants, petroleum and kerosene, diesel etc when burnt create pollution and these ones are non-renewable and take millions of years of physical as well as chemical processes to occur again, the non-renewable sources cannot replenish out needs for much longer period of time and thus there comes a need to look for the sources of energy that can be bought in use so as to combat this rising pollution and pollutants and is available to us much longer than these resources.

The earth has got an abundance of wind power, sun’s rays and biomass and thus besides being a pollution free source of energy, these are also cheaply available and are available on earth in abundance which proves to be the benefit that these sources of energy provide us.


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