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What is Religion and Definition of Religion

What is Religion – Definition of Religion


We often refer to a person on the base if that he is a Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh or a Christian or any other type on the basis of religion and when someone asks us what is it that made you create the difference you say that they follow some other god and I follow some other god and that Is why we are from a different religion but approximately none of the people will describe you the full and perfect meaning of religion and would simply tell you something about god or anything else like that and thus we are here to explain you the exact meaning of that.

What is Religion and Definition of Religion

What is Religion and Definition of Religion

Definition of A Religion:-

If I tell you the basic meaning of a religion, Then it is nothing but a group of people with particular beliefs. These people agree on certain things and follow them strictly in their lives. Like if I talk about the Christian religion, they follow the holy book called “Bible” and the entire religion is based on the belief that there is no time when you are late to ask god for forgiveness of your sins.

They believe that they are the children of Jesus Christ and the best thing that I like about this religion is that people can go to the father of the church and confess every sin that they have committed and promise god that they will not do it back. If I talk about the Muslims, even they have a holy book called Quran and they strictly follow the beliefs written in it. They believe in Allah and call their prayers as “Ibaadat”.

Hindus have their holy book as “Geeta” and strictly follow the path that is shown in it. Sikhs have got Gurbaani that can be regarded as the Guru ki waani or the path shown by their gurus. The people of a particular religion in short follow the principles and rules that their religion tells them.

Essence of A Religion:-

I have personally surveyed every religion, I have gone at almost every religious place, including Mosques, Gurudwaras, Temples, Churches and have met all the holy men that lead these religious places. The essence of each of these places is to spend some time taking the name of god, praying him in different ways and be kind at heart while doing so.

Though each religion puts different- different limitations on people, but still all the religions are same from inside and have the equal essence and that is to fear from the almighty god and keep serving people with a helping nature. People even in their prayers request the almighty to shower his blessings on his children and it is same with almost every religion, though the method of praying might be slightly different in each case.

Is it correct to categorize people on base of religion?

Well, in this world everybody has got his or her own rights to follow their beliefs and choose what they want to do. Though we are divided in religions but we are still brothers and sisters. The dividing of religion may be done varying from place to place, but one thing for sure is that religions were meant to make us stay united and to be good following the path shown by god and thus living with peace all together on this earth. Though we can’t do anything about the categorization of people on the base of religion, but one thing for sure should be avoided and that is the discrimination of people on the base of religion, rest all is fine with these religions.


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