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What is Refrigeration? – Definition of Refrigeration

What is Refrigeration


Refrigeration may refer to the process of keeping something in an extra cool place that makes it get refrigerated. Often refrigeration is practiced to preserve something and a refrigerator or some heat pump is used in order to do so. We often hear the word refrigeration associated either with the cold storage homes or with the daily kitchen stuff that has got instructions printed on it to store it in refrigeration, but the word has got much longer meaning than that and here we are explaining all about that for you.

What is Refrigeration

What is Refrigeration

The Basic Definition of Refrigeration:-

When using an appliance, we move the heat out of a place, keeping it cool, the process is referred to as refrigeration. The place from where we have ejected all the heat can be bought in use so as to store the stuff that is likely to get spoiled if kept in the open. The refrigerators that we use in our homes are also an appliance used to refrigerate the stuff in it and that too works on the same principle of ejecting the heat out and keeping the inside portion cool.

Applications of Refrigeration:-

Talking about the examples of refrigeration in everyday life, the milk stored in a refrigerator is an example of refrigeration. The freezers that are used in the ice and ice cream based industries are also called as the refrigerators. The air conditioning systems that keep a room cool are also refrigerating the stuff kept inside and The refrigeration units that are used to store fruits and prevent them from spoiling are also referred to as the application of refrigeration.

Refrigeration In Farms:-

Talking about the farms, refrigeration proves to be a boon for the farm produced goods as an adequate temperature is needed to store such items. The poultry meat industry also makes the usage of refrigeration approaches so as to store the flesh and meat and prevent it from getting spoiled. Refrigeration rather prevents the bacterial and fungal growth and thus is ideal for farming storage related purposes. The stuff like peas, etc. are stored in cold storages, so as to preserve them for summer.

The home based refrigerators prevent the vegetables from spoiling and even the dairy products like milk, etc. stay preserved in them as well. Even the food products like eggs need to be refrigerated during the shipment and the food products like ice creams, cold drinks, etc. also need some refrigeration to keep their essence maintained in them and else get spoiled in adverse temperature conditions. Some fruit juices also require a specific temperature so as to keep them away from spoiling as well.

Refrigeration And Science:-

In the field of scientific manufacturing, refrigeration has got a great hand in it. The liquefaction of various gases like oxygen, methane, propane and nitrogen that are the bi products of the natural gas is made by the process of refrigeration only and The water vapors get condensed due to refrigeration only. The scientific approaches that need a chemical or some other substance to be stored at a specific low temperature is kept in refrigeration, so as to prevent it from spoiling and thus refrigeration has got a great and favorable contribution in science and technology as well.


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