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What is Rain Water Harvesting and Why it is Necessary

What is Rain Water Harvesting


Harvesting means to put some crop something in a field that will later on prove to be available for future uses in a fruitful way. It is ok with our crops being harvested in the field, but this might make you get surrounded with doubts that how can one manage to harvest rain water and what does a person means when he or she talks about the harvesting of rain water? Well, we are here with every bit of it to explain it for you.

What is Rain Water Harvesting and Why it is Necessary

What is Rain Water Harvesting and Why it is Necessary

Getting Familiar With Rain Water Harvesting:-

You can simply take rain water harvesting as the method of collecting rain water at some safe place, making it available for future use and bring about it for usage, avoiding the wastage of water and fulfilling the water based needs of people with it.

What Is The Need of Water To Be Harvested?

When water comes to us in the forms of rains, It gets ultimately flushed out of the pipes that we have fixed up with our household and thus reaches the gutters or sewers getting contaminated. The water that fell up from the sky could be easily stored in some container so as to use it for multiple purposes saving the water that our water supply gives us. There are many areas that have meet a shortage of water and water has become a commodity that people have to pay for in order to get it purchased for their daily usage purposes.

If we start storing the water from rains and harvest it so as to make it usable for the purposes like washing, gardening, battery filling etc in such a way that less potable water gets wasted and thus stays conserved and besides it the rain water gets wasted to a less extent. You can take rain water harvesting as the accumulation of rain water in a pre planned way at some place or preferably some container and to make a use of it instead of letting it get flushed. The water can be treated and can be used for drinking purposes as well.

Advantages of Rain Water Harvesting:-

When there is a case of drought, the rain water stored can be used for the supply after treating it to the common public. Rainwater harvesting is not being practiced nowadays, but it has been the source of saving water since time immemorial. There have been many kings that built step wells, Lake, ponds, storage tanks, etc. In order to get the rain water collected in them and benefit people in shortage of water.

The contaminations if any can be treated and thus the water becomes fit for drinking. There are many techniques like sedimentation etc. that can be bought in use to get relieved from the contamination or else you can even use it for the other purposes like cleaning, washing, gardening, etc. You can simply get a tank constructed at the rooftop of your house so as to store the rain water or you may even use the drip or bamboo piping system to store rainwater as well. You can also get some utensils of your house in use so as to store rainwater and harvest it during rains.


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