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What Is Rabies, Symptoms of Rabies in Humans

What Is Rabies


Understanding rabies:-

rabies is a totally fatal virus borne disease ( if untreated ) that is caused by the virus of rhabdovirus family. The virus of rabies gets transmitted from the bite of an infected animal or by the means of the saliva of the infected animal to a healthy person or any other animal when they bite or scratch another animal or human.

What Is Rabies, Symptoms of Rabies in Humans

What Is Rabies, Symptoms of Rabies in Humans

Symptoms of rabies:-

rabies in the early stage has non-specific symptoms but it is enough to suggest that the respiratory or central nervous system or the gastro-intestinal system are included in it. The untreated individuals with rabies virus in them are likely to die due to the respiratory failure. The symptoms of rabies highly include the indicating signs such as the feeling of anxiety or difficulty in swallowing or the seizures may even occur with the person.
The individual, if bited by a rabid animal is likely to fear water and often keeps on itching and eventually dies. The person suffering from rabies in the advance stage is also likely to show alike symptoms in him and then eventually is likely to die a dreadful death.

Areas affected with the disease:-

the cases of rabies are common in every continent of the world except the antarctica being the most common in the rural areas of many countries around the world that includes the countries like india, pakistan, nepal, sri lanka, philippines, indonesia and many others. Approximately at least four million people are vaccinated for the case of rabies each year at global level. The rabies immune globulin plus vaccine is a highly effective vaccine usually injected to prevent human rabies.


rabies is an acute form of disease that can even prove to be a deadly hazard to the central nervous system. Approximately all of the people suffering from the rabies virus infection are likely to die if they do not get a proper treatment in proper time. But the disease can’t make you feared if you get yourself vaccinated in time.
Get yourself vaccinated, the time an animal bites you, seek for medical care even if you know the animal that bited you was not rabid.

Keep on getting your animals to the vet-hospitals time to time to check if they are not suffering from some disease and get their regular check up done. Get your animals vaccinated in time and still if an animal bites you, seek medical care from a good professional.


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