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What is Pollution and Kinds of Pollution

What is Pollution? – Types of Pollution


Pollution can be understood as the contamination of the natural environment. Pollution can be the contamination of anything, including air, water, noise, radiations or even the foreign substances.
Pollution has become the major problem that our mother earth is suffering from today and these pollutants contribute to make the rains acidic and even contribute to the number of diseases as well as brings about a downfall in the biodiversity as well.

What is Pollution and Kinds of Pollution

What is Pollution and Kinds of Pollution

1. Air Pollution:-

The pollution that gets spread in air is called the air pollution. The fuels that we burn in our vehicles emit out carbonic pollutants that contribute to air pollution. Even a single leaf burnt by us contributes to these pollutants and the burning of other fuels like firewood, coal, etc. adds to the contamination of air this way. Not just these only, but the burning of polythene or rubber that is practiced in kilns to make bricks also contributes to this pollution.

2. Water Pollution:-

We all know that water is the basic need of life that helps us all to survive and life can’t be thought to be possible without it and this water gets contaminated with the industrial waste as well as various processes like dumping of garbage in the river streams, flowing of the stuff like polythene bags etc in the rivers and the added pollutants make this water contaminated. The animals that depend on this water for survival also get endangered this way.

3. Noise Pollution:-

The hard to bear noise that the honking horns of cars and bikes generate is also a type of pollution. The sirens used in factories and schools, etc. generate hard to bear noise and this noise adds to the noise pollution. Sometimes a bomb explosion, etc. can make you deaf as the noise generated it is hard to be born by your ears and even it comes under noise pollution.

4. Soil Pollution:-

The multiple chemical fertilizers and pesticides that we bring in use so as to enhance production is enough to make soil reduce its fertility and get polluted. The atmospheric pollutants that gets mixed up with rains to make it acidic when fall on this soil can make it loose it fertility resulting in the pollution of soil and deplete its mineral content as well.

5. Need of The Hour:-

Approximately everything that leads to the contamination of our surroundings can be regarded as pollution. The substances that cause this pollution are regarded as pollutants and the need of the hour is to get rid of these pollutants so as to prevent the sustainability and prevent the biodiversity from meeting its collapse. Almost all of us survive on water for out basic living needs and breathe in air to survive.

We hear with our ears and grow our crops in soil and that too depend on water for the production of its food and thus there is a great need to prevent this contamination being the need of the hour. Though government spends Crores of its wealth so as to fight with the river pollutants, air pollutants and what not, but the situation can’t be bought under control till we ourselves do not take a pledge that we won’t contribute to pollution.


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