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What is Physics? – Definition of Physics

What is Physics? – Definition of Physics


Physics can be understood as a branch of science that deals with the study of matter and all the other natural phenomenon associated with nature. Physics deals with almost every physical process involved with the nature and all the appliances that we use in our daily life are based on Physics.

What is Physics? - Definition of Physics

The formation of waves, the dispersion of light, the laser beams, etc. are all covered in this branch of science and thus it can be regarded as that branch of science which makes us deal better with the experiment based approaches involved in daily life.

Who Is A Physicist?

Physicists can be understood as the people who perform physics related experiments. The physicists make researches based on Physics and experiment based on these laws and make an analysis and improvement of the related phenomenon.

Classification And Contents of Physics:-

If I try to classify Physics, It consists mainly of Mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism and wave optics. Mechanics is again divided into Classical mechanics and Quantum mechanics, Thermodynamics is related with the study of heat and temperature etc, electromagnetism deals with the study of magnetic as well as electric forms and wave optics deals with the sound and other such waves.

What Does Physics Deal With?

Almost everything that we deal with in our daily life from an electric motor, a water pump, a vacuum cleaner, a horn, a wave that gets formed in the pond with water in it, The nuclear reactions, the rays, the lasers, the various types of sound and the path that it follows.

The wavelengths of light and the intensity of current, the various instruments that we use in multiple home based appliances like Voltmeter, Ammeter, Galvanometer, Odometer etc all are based on physical researches and thus there is nothing that does not involve this part of science in it.

What Benefits That We Get From Physics?

An average human has got countless questions related to the daily life happenings in his mind. Earlier when we thought why we keep on stick to the ground, we had no answer for it but after the concept of Gravity was given, we came to know that it is the force of gravitation that makes us stick to the earth.

We came to know how charge gets developed on clouds and we watch flash in the sky. How sound travels and how light gets scattered. The concept of rainbows and that white light is composed of seven colors, all became possible just because of physics and physicists.

Earlier there was no solid proof about the communication done between the various kinds of animals and people could just make a guess that even the other animals do communicate but then physics related experiments made us know that sound composes of waves that may have a variable frequency.

We came to know that we can’t hear all the types of sounds and that animals use some waves so as to communicate. Earlier we could not measure the depth of the ocean but then the concept of Sonar got introduced and that too was a result of continuous researches that physicists made. Physics has revealed many things behind the curtain and thus it can be understood as a great achievement in the field of Scientific development.


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