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What is Physical Abuse and its Signs

What is Physical Abuse?


Physical abuse refers to the abuse that one individual does to the other in a physical way. This may include the corporal punishment or any other act of aggression that causes a physical injury to the other. This happens the most in cases of children and has been in practice since time immemorial when teachers used a stick to beat the children so as to make them study hard during exams. It occurs generally with kids, but even if some grown up physically abuses some grown up rather, It can also be included in physical abuse.

What is Physical Abuse and its Signs

What is Physical Abuse and its Signs

1. The Sexual, Physical Abuse:-

Talking about the sexual, physical abuse If anybody tries to touch your private parts, or to make use of your body for getting some sexual pleasure, It will be regarded as the sexual physical abuse. This can happen with anyone, including the children as well as adults. It includes the kicking on private parts, to squeeze your chest area or to slap your bumps anything that is enough to make you get exploited sexually comes under this type of physical abuse.

2. The Concept Of Corporal Punishment:-

Earlier it was believed that the “Guru” or what we call as the teacher, is like a “kumhaar” or what we call as a potter, who makes the usage of a stick, but shapes up the pot resembling child and thus makes the best out of him this way, but the concept proved to be really a brutal scene when the teachers started molesting students on this name and the cases of physical abuses became much common.

I still remember the days when I was in fourth class, the teacher used to ask the monitor to bring the stick which used to be an inch hard and the name of it was enough to make us get scared. He asked us top raise hands and he will use that stick to punish us for getting less scores in the test. Though it was made to make us fear and do work, but it never made an effect on any of us and instead some of us were becoming habitual to it and the others who started fearing it were found either missing from the school on the name of some disease or seeked to go for other ways to escape from the school.

3. Ban on Corporal Punishment:-

Later on government banned this process which gave us some relief and today, It has got eliminated from approximately every school. The teachers now have a friendly relation with the students, which proves to bring about the desired improvement. There is a law regarding corporal punishment that any teacher who is found to be beating the students will lose his job and a heavy penalty or conviction may follow the act as well.

4. Signs and Symptoms of Physical Abuse:-

The signs and symptoms of physical abuse may include the appearance of Bruises, scratches, burns, etc. or the cases of injuries to get more prevalent with someone. Multiple injuries or fractures may be seen in some of the cases as well. Those who become a victim of sexual torture are often seen with scared and shivering kind of expressions.

5. Results of physical abuse:-

The results of physical abuse may include the victim to start staying deprived of the others. This kind of person will have a fear on his or her face and even a slight thing will make him or her get drenched with sweat. There may be fractures or physical pain or any injury reported with the sufferer or such person may start keeping him or her enclosed in the room.


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