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What is Phishing? – (Definition of Phishing)

What is Phishing – Phishing Definition


You can understand phishing as a type of mail that may be a fictional one or may even be an official type. These types of mails are sent to you with an intention to get an access to your confidential information with a motive to make an ill use of it. The person who wants to gather your personal information, simply makes the usage of a phishing website that tricks you up and you get befooled revealing your confidential information thinking it to be a genuine mail.

What is Phishing

What is Phishing

What Actually Happens?

Actually in this case, you get a mail that may depict a firm like some bank giving you an original link of it and you will think that as the link is original, even the mail content will be original, but actually its hyperlink is pointed at the webpage of some phishing website that later on asks you about your confidential information and when you reveal it, you get befooled easily.

Is Phishing Illegal?

Yes, phishing is totally illegal and if somebody tries to gain confidential information of somebody using these types of methods, he or she can be held by the cyber laws. The one who uses the phishing trick on you will ask you to enter your username, password and even your credit card details by the means of electronic communication online and when you will enter your confidential information in it.

All the details will be sent to the person who has experimented phishing on you. The details will them be used by him to transfer money from your account to him or even for the other purposes like hacking as well. The procedure stays totally illegal and some might even contain malware as well.

Am I At A Risk?

Of course, If you are on social media like Facebook, Gmail etc, it is but obvious that you can get such types of mails and get befooled if you enter your details to that website without proper information regarding that.

Often these type of mails attract us with mirage like earn more money with less efforts or banks trying to give you a share of their money that will get transferred to you if you provide your credit card details to them or some other conditions similar to that.

If you are using some media site at your work place or you are a regular mail user, you are most likely to get such types of mails and you can safeguard yourself following some minor things that I am mentioning in further points.

How to Save Myself From Phishing Attacks?

As I told you earlier, these websites will ask you for your confidential details and if you take pledge not to enter your personal details anywhere without checking the website properly, you will be able to safeguard yourself.

If you get a mail from some bank asking you to give your account details to make some transaction, I will advise you not to get distracted and instead consult that mail with the manager of your own bank. He will give you the right directions for it.
Never give your personal account details to any website without checking it properly and that you can do by properly examining the URL as it can tell you a lot where and to which website you are being directed.


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