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What is Pest – Insect Pests and Beneficial Insects

What is Pest – Insect Pests and Beneficial Insects


Insect pests is a term given to refer to those pests that are harmful for humans as well as their basic needs. These insects include normal insects that we see around us but some of them can damage our crops, some may damage our food and some are harmful for the body in a way that they live on the blood sucked from organisms. The danger depends on the type of a specific insect pest and that you will come to know in the further article.

What is Pest - Insect Pests and Beneficial Insects

What is Pest – Insect Pests and Beneficial Insects

The Sort of Damage Caused By Insect Pests:-

The insect pests can cause a great damage to your crops. Talking about the grass hoppers, It is believed that these insects come in groups and spoil your entire crop vegetation. These can do a lot of damage to your garden plants as well. Some insects simply spread diseases and dirt and filth by staying in garbage for the most of time and then reaching the food sources contaminating them and then making them spoiled causing diseases. Some insects suck on the human blood and feed on it and thus prove to be harmful for us and some others may do other such damage as well.

Is There Any Benefit of Insect Pests Or It Is That They Do Damage Only?

The most of the cases associated with pests are of damage rather than benefits, but some may even make benefit for you as well. Like if I talk about the bees, these help in pollination rather than causing the damage to plant and help to enhance the growth of flowers while when they sting a person, it might prove to be much painful for him and thus taking an average, the damage or benefit depends on the type of pest insect that you come across.

Damage Caused by The Pest Insects To Humans:-

Bed bugs choose to feed on the human blood while the lice may reside in the human hair to produce nits that may produce more lice and thus feed on the debris in a human head and sometimes get tough to combat. The flying ants sometimes may suck on blood and the other flies that sting you up may prove to be dangerous for humans in certain ways. The flies are found to cause serious diseases like Japanese elephantiasis etc. The male flies keep on sucking the juice of flowers and spreading the garbage everywhere with their legs while the female flies spread serious diseases like malaria, filarial, typhoid etc.

The Damage to Farm Products:-

Most of the insect pests feed on the leaves of your crops as well as the product that you need to obtain from the plants. It has been found that some of these insect pests may spoil your entire crop field and thus the damage they cause to the farm based products is also at concern. The cattle or poultry is also affected with these pests as they suck the blood of animals remaining stick in their wounded parts and then feed on the blood causing illnesses.


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