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What is Penile Erection

What Is Erections


Penile erection or simply the erection may be termed as a process in which the penis of an individual gets firm than before and more engorged and enlarged than before. Penile erection may be the result of a complex type of neural or psychological or vascular or even endocrine factors in any person.

What is Penile Erection

What is Penile Erection

Erection can be related to the sexual arousal or sexual attraction of the male part to the females. The shape along with the size and angle and direction of the erection differs from an individual to the other. An erection gets started with the para -sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system causing nitric oxide levels to rise up in the trabecular arteries of the individual and the smoother muscles of the penis of the individual. The erection is likely to get subsided when the activity reduced to the baseline.

As the response to the autonomic nervous system, an erection may result from a range of stimuli that involves sexual stimulation and sexual arousal and is hence not fully under the conscious control. The pelvic erection when in the sleep or upon waking up can be called as the nocturnal (night) penile tumescence. The absence of the night erection is commonly practiced to differentiate among the physical and psychological causes of the erectile dis-functioning and being impotent.

Semi-erection can be termed as the process in which the penis does not get fully erected and remains flaccid or soft in nature and gets partly erected.

In the case of night penile tumescene the penis of the individual may be erect while he is sleeping and when he wakes up. As the erection is a common indicator of the sexual arousal and is mendatory for the males to effect vaginal penetration and the sexual inter-cource, the scrotum might not be tightened always during the erection.

After the person has reached puberty stage, the erections occur in a large amount. Male pelvic erections are most commonly occurring among the children and the infants and even before the birth, so this can’t be called as a disease, though the male might fill stressed about it and may feel it impossible for him to talk about his private part, but a doctor needs to be consulted the time a doubt takes place in his mind.

The length of the penis of the individual that got flaccid is not necessary to correspond to the length of the penis when it gets erect and some tiny flaccid penis parts of the males may even grow much longer in the size while some of them may grow comparatively to a less extent.


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