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What is Noise Pollution?

What is Noise Pollution


The pollution that we experience in our daily lives because of excess noise generated by the honking horns of vehicles and sirens of factories as well as bombardments and explosions refers to the noise pollution and this pollution is equally devastating as like the other forms of pollution make us experience. Noise pollution has been seen to make people loose their ability to hear in some cases and thus even it has been listed as the cause of concern in today’s world.

What is Noise Pollution? - Definition & Types of Pollution

What is Noise Pollution?

Indoor Noise Pollution:-

The type of noise pollution that takes place indoors is called as the indoor noise pollution. The printers that we use, the chimney implanted in our houses, the noise, creating air conditioners, motors etc including the machines as well as the other building works going nearby, including the drilling works as well as buffering of floor and music systems with woofers attached playing in a loud way can be regarded as the indoor noise pollution.

The workplace based machines that generate a huge amount of loud noise can also be put under this category and it has been found that the person who stays close to such machines that generate noise gets much close to develop problems related with the blood pressure as well as stress and other such disorders. A person subjected to permanent noise full environment may also experience loss of hearing as well.

Outdoor Noise Pollution:-

As the name suggests the noise that is generated outside is called as outdoor noise pollution and this may include the honking horns of vehicles, the party based D.J’s playing the music loudly as well as the noise generated when some aeroplane or aircraft or some helicopter passes over your head and when you pass by some fatly going train with siren blowing. Even this type of noise can be dangerous sometimes when you are living in an area where you experience such things much often or there is some airport or railway station nearby.

Noise Pollution and Humans:-

Talking about the noise pollution and its relation with humans, an individual is likely to experience loss of hearing if he experiences a working environment with loud noise. The army officials that suffer noise of bombardments often lose their hearing ability and there may also be cardiovascular effects seen in such a person as well. The noise exposure can make your heart pump much higher and you may suffer hypertension problem as well as chronic stress.

Noise Pollution and Other organisms:-

Talking about the effect that noise pollution can make on the lives of other organisms, the whales song length has been found to be longer when the submarine sound detectors are on or while using the Sound Navigation and ranging technique. The species of wild animals have also got endangered due to exposure to the huge noise in their environment and some species of such organisms are also found to get extinct with exposure to tremendous levels of unbearable noise.

The weapon based explosions can make anyone including humans as well as other organisms lose the ability to communicate if the noise is extremely high and when on festive occasions we are blowing off crackers, the pet animals like dogs and cats can be seen taking shelter in hideouts because of this reason only.


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