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What is Nearsightedness – Causes And Symptoms



Near sightedness or myopia is the state of the eyes of a person when he is not able to see the distant objects clearly with his eyes, though he may see the near objects clearer but feels impossible to see the far off things. a child with Nearsightedness in his eyes may have difficulty to look on the black board from the last bench of the class or to the distant faces across the room and hence the academic career is even likely to get spoiled.

we are able to see when the light rays enter our eyes and get reflected therefore, scientifically this condition may be explained as the situation in which the distant objects appear blurred to the person and when the light that enters the eye of the person is focused improperly in his eyes.

Nearsightedness generally occurs with an individual when the physical length of his eye is larger than the optical length of his eye, the eye thus becomes impossible to focus the light rays directly on the retina and the sight to the distant objects gets blurry. Both the males and females are equally likely to develop the disease and the people with a family history of myopia are equally likely to develop it a time or another.

Causes & Symptoms of Nearsightedness:-

Nearsightedness is likely to happen when the eye has a longer shape that makes the light rays to focus too far in front of the retina part of the person and to make the far off objects to be difficult to be viewed. The symptoms of Nearsightedness generally involve the difficulty to see something written at a distance source like a far off blackboard or in school signs or traffic signs etc.

the person with myopia in his eyes is found holding the book much close to his eyes as the words become blurry when holding the book apart. the chap with myopia in his eyes is likely to sit close to the T.V. set in his house and is likely to suffer loss of vision at any instant of time. an eye care professional needs to be consulted the time any of these symptoms is seen with any person and an eye exam needs to be conducted to diagnose the symptoms.

Nearsightedness may be followed with the other symptoms like the squinting of the eyes of the person or strain and even headache in some of the cases. Given below are the figures showing

(1. a myopic eye & 2. A myopic eye after correction with concave lens.)

What is Nearsightedness Causes And SymptomsMyopia



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