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What is Mythology and Why is it Important

What Is Mythology


“Myth” refers to a saying that is proven to be fake. The collected myths of a group of people can be regarded as to undergo mythology and to study the nature, history and kind of myth is referred to as mythology. You may find various myths in every culture and some of these are acceptable while the others are not. There is sometimes a jeopardy that the associated person faces while dealing with a myth that asks him if the saying he has come across is a myth or truth. There are various kinds of myths and mythologies and some of whose examples have been illustrated here by us in this article.

 What Is Mythology

  What Is Mythology

1. The Curse of Pharaoh:-

If you ask me to give a live example from history about myths and mythologies, the curse of Pharaoh was also such a kind of myth only. People spoke about myths like who, so ever will open up the buried mummies from the pyramids; he or she will have to meet the curse and will meet his ultimate death.

2. The Local Myths:-

Talking about the local myths, if someone stops you from going outside just because he or she wishes you to taste some salt as you recently had eaten something sweet, it is again because of the myth that there are various souls resting at the corners of streets and these will possess your body if you get out eating something sweet which is again a myth.

3. The Myths about Various Places:-

You will find myths wherever you go. Suppose you visit some hill station, there will be some place for sure that people believe to be haunted. They will tell you about the facts and figures based on deaths that have taken place, but this is all a myth till you don’t yourself see the result and as nobody is able to tell after he or she dies, the myths like this always stay unanswered.

4. Judging If It Is True or Myth:-

In order to judge if something is true or a myth, you just need to keep both of your eyes opened and make a judgment in a free and fair manner. This does not mean that you start disbelieving everything but you should be open minded enough to judge if circumstances have resulted because of a mythology or because of something else.

5. The Facts And Figures:-

The facts and figures that people tell you are never even precise and these are a result of the stories that their forefathers have told them and to them it was told by their forefathers that kept on being told like this only. There is no true spreading element of these mythological rumors and thus the facts are just recalled as a question that is yet to be answered.

6. Dealing with a Myth:-

In order to deal with a myth, you need to look at both the sides of a coin. Try dealing with it in a harmless way. Follow it if you can do it or else just keep your eyes opened and take every necessary care about it.


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