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What is Music

What is Music


Often we hear the term “Music” associated with the songs that we play in our mobile and even the player that is used to play these songs is called a music player. Why is not it called a songs player instead ? Why are songs included in music and what is it? Here we have tried our best to clear this doubt by clearing the meaning of word, ”Music”.

What is Music

What is Music

Definition of Music:-

You may take music as a form of art with sound as a medium. The intensity of sound generated creates music and along with the other factors, including rhythm, words that sound is played with and the form of notes of this sound makes it get pleasant to our ears and thus we relish hearing it.

In simpler words, if I talk, you can take music to be a sound generated by the means of an instrument that is pleasant to our ears and can even be accompanied with the other instruments so as to create a combination of various sounds and thus played along with a combination of words generates songs that we like to play and hear.

How Is Music Generated?

Approximately everything can generate music, including a piece of wood and even a can of tin. While the best of it is played with string instruments that include guitar, sitar, violin etc and vocal instruments like flute, mouth organ etc and the others like Tablas, Mridangam, Dhol, Nagada, shehnaayi, piano, banjo etc.

All these instruments have been bought in practice since time immemorial to create pleasant sounds that we regard as music. Not just the professional instruments, but the things like earthen pots etc have been bought down in practice since ancient times to generate music and play it along with words to create songs

Parts of A Music:-

You can divide music into genre and sub genres. Like suppose you categorize a music as a pop music or a rock music or jazz or classical etc, all these can be regarded as the genre of music. Music may be a folk music that is played with a classical attire as well as classical instruments while it may also be an artistic composition as well.

How Is Music Used To Generate Compositions?

There are many people who depend on music for maintaining their livelihood. Suppose if I talk about a lyricist, he writes a composition of words in a poetic form that is maintained with a perfect rhyme and then there are multiple music specialist who play their musical instruments and the lyrics written by the lyricist is sung by a singer while multiple instruments being played along with it and thus a song gets formed.

This was how a musical composition is created. Many people have music as the source of entertainment and many of people make it the source of earning their bread as well. When fully complete, this composition is recorded as a song and then becomes available to be distributed and thus able to be downloaded by multiple means. The application that is used to play this composition is hence named as a music player.


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